AquaNox 2: Revelation – PC – Preview

E3 2003 – First


AquaNox 2:
Revelation follows William Drake, a young man whose mother was murdered and his
family has disappeared.  He embarks on a quest to find his family and uncover
the mystery of their disappearance and his mother’s death.  Oh yeah, and all of
this happens underwater.  Got that?  You pilot around in a little submarine
armed with some missiles and plasma guns and move with 360 degrees of freedom, a
lot like Descent (if anyone remembers that game).


The original
AquaNox was notable primarily for its great graphics, and Revelation is no
different.  The game has some excellent graphics with remarkable attention to
detail.  For example, sunshine reflected upon the surface of the water and
looked really cool from underneath, and homing missiles would go wide and then
zigzag into their target instead of just heading straight to your enemy.


AquaNox 2:
Revelation looks to address its predecessor’s shortcomings with an engaging
storyline, great action and excellent graphics.  It releases this fall.