Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos – PSP – Preview

In the land
above the clouds, Angels and Demons clash in a war that breaks the tranquility
that their once peaceful coexistence has brought them for a short period. On the
surface world, three childhood friends witness the death and destruction of
their homeland and 10 years later, three other friends arrive to the same land
to unravel the mystery behind the invasion. And in the depths of the Lower
World, a group of military school students comes face-to-face with a new enemy
that threatens to invade their land using new technology. These are three
stories that make up Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos, NIS America’s
upcoming RPG/Strategy game for the PSP.

The preview
build we received offers up a chapter for each of the three scenarios mentioned
above as well as that goes beyond events and features we’ve seen in past
Generation of Chaos
games. The game takes place in a huge mythical world
that is separated into three areas. There’s the Divine World composed of the
Otherworld Tower and is known as the Island in the Sky. Then there’s the Surface
World or Nature’s Green Wonder that is the land below the Divine World. Finally,
there’s the Lower World or Bottom Earth where there are no mythical monsters,
only technological wonders. While the game concentrates on the same world, each
of the three areas within the world spins different tales that are separate from
each another.

Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos screenshots

The Divine World
chapter, for example, tells the tale of Angels and Hellions (demons) sharing the
same world in peace until Atrapollus (the Prince of Hell) leads an attack
against the unsuspecting Angels. It is Atrapollus who feels that this invasion
is not right but due to the goading of one of his Lieutenants named Calamity, he
pushes his troops onward despite the feeling he has for the Queen of Heaven
named Rose. The first chapter has us playing as the Hellions side as Atrapollus
and his top commanding officers push onward towards the city battling Angels
along the way.

The Surface
World segment follows three young friends Steiner, his sister Fiona and the boy
she likes named Raphelos. It’s a calm day in the village when suddenly things
turn grim as the invading army of Zemora manages to break through the village’s
defenses. Chaos ensues and the three friends find themselves separated during
the skirmish. Fast forward ten years later as a pirate ship holding three
different friends drops anchor on the shore of the same village. Led by a
mysterious young man named Herault, the trio head into a now-Zemora dominated
area only to be shocked by the sight of Steiner who is now Prince of Zemora.
What had happened during that invasion? What connection does Herault have to the
missing Raphelos? The chapter demo gives us but a taste of this mystery.

Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos screenshots

Finally, there’s
the Lower World chapter that begins in the forest as a battle breaks out between
an invading force wearing advanced Cyber Suits. We then jump to a military
academy when the invasion alarm sounds. Curious to know who these invaders are
and why they wear advanced Cyber Suits, Quinn, his friend Gon and the stuck up
Keri travel into the forest to see the enemy. What they find instead is a fight
for survival in this sci-fi segment of the game.

Even with three
very different stories, the preview build manages to show that the battles are
all the same. You start by selecting your generals who will be in charge of 30
troops on the battlefield. Those who aren’t strangers to the strategy genre will
find the playing map easy to navigate. The maps, of course, contain enemy
strongholds, camps and areas protected by the enemy’s generals. Each side takes
turns moving across the map but you alone have battle conditions … two in fact.
The conditions range from taking an enemy camp or taking the entire map. There
are even events that occur while moving around on the map. For example, a swarm
of insects might swoop down and infect your enemy or you might discover
something that will give your troops the edge in battle.

Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos screenshots

Speaking of
battle, the real-time combat is fierce and thanks to the many options, you can
set up your troops on the fly. Your general has his or her own set of skills
that can be unleashed on the battlefield and you can always earn more skills
each character can learn or even buy up to six skills) long the way. Being able
to change your formation or come up with better strategies during battle is done
on the fly and thus leaves you plenty of room to adapt to your enemy’s formation
or strategy.  Once you take over an area, you can decide what to do with the
enemy general (you can persuade him to join your side or even execute them).

Eclipse: Generation of Chaos

also has an old-school appearance especially when it comes to the
characters on the map as well as the backgrounds. The preview built also mixed
in Japanese dialogue but hopefully this will be worked out for the retail
release. Otherwise, Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos is looking like
just the right portable RPG/strategy game for fans of the genre.