Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception – PSP – Preview

2006 Hands On Preview

The Ace Combat
series has seen many releases during it’s life span on the Playstation and
PS2. It’s popularity is due to the fact that it’s not a complex flight
simulator. Instead it’s an easy to pick up and play sky combat game. It only
makes sense that Namco Bandai would bring this game to the Playstation


As with many
other 2nd generation PSP games on the E3 show floor, the graphics in this
game look nearly as good as their PS2 counterpart. From the clear blue
skies, to the accurately modeled license aircraft, down to the ground
terrain, this game just looks good. You have the ability to fly in a cockpit
view, but I’ve also liked the behind the plain view that allows you to see
how cool your fighting craft is. The widescreen format also works perfect in
this game. Your map, weapons, altitude, and other instruments are placed on
the far left and right leaving the middle area clear for the targeting
icons. Good dogfighting requires a lot of turning, and the analog nub feels
good. Changing directions to break a missile lock, and turning around to
face your opponent is done with relative ease.


Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception PSP screenshots


Along with the
single player story, this game also supports multi-player dogfighting over
wi-fi. It was fun to shoot down the guy next to me, who was probably just
enjoying the scenery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support multiplayer over the
internet. This is a disappointing trend on the PSP. A very small fraction of
people will use the ad-hoc mode, compared with the large percentage of
people that would enjoy dogfighting online if it were available.


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