40,000 Problems and an Ork Ain’t One – Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Demo Impression

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine puts you in the role of a badass space marine. The demo is a gory brawl that pits you, the Chainsword-wielding marine, against the Orks.

I’m not entirely familiar with Warhammer lore, but from what the demo shows, you play as Captain Titus as you defend a forgeworld from a horde of Orks. It is a mix of hack-and-slash and shooter, and reminds me a lot of Brute Force—for some reason.

The demo includes two levels, and while both are the same, the second level shows off some cool jump-pack gameplay. It’s pretty much a jet pack that gives you the ability to slam down into the enemies.

Combat is an orgy of blood, stuns, and executions. There are so many Orks around you that your health will drop pretty quick. A good strategy is to equip the sniper rifle (insanely powerful) and thin out their ranks before they reach you; then, it’s chainsword time. To regain health, you can do a sync kill—the stun-execute combo. You can only execute an enemy if they are stunned. Executing enemies gives you health. It feels more like a bloodlust bar than a health bar, considering you gain it by ripping apart enemies.

The executions should quench your thirst for chainswords to the gut. I’ve seen about four really cool executions so far, and I’m sure there’s more in the full game. Killing enemies also allow the player a boost to unleash mid-combat; it will allow you to take more damage and regain health.

The game has a gritty feel to it, and I genuinely had a fun time playing the demo. When it ended, I wanted to keep on playing. The game comes out September 6th, so you won’t have to wait too much longer to tear up some Orks. Fans of Warhammer will enjoy the lore; fans of hack-and-slash with fun gun-play will enjoy the combat; and fans of gory action will love the over-the-top executions.