Ys I and II Heading to DS

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Interchannel-Holon is working on releasing Ys I and Ys II onto the Nintendo DS. With Ys I originally released in 1987 and Ys II in 1988, these two with be built from the ground up, taking advantage of what the Nintendo DS has to offer.

The games will be played on the top screen where all the action will take place, while the bottom screen will provide players with each character’s stats. The game will also feature new battle animations for the characters as well as new maps and enemies found only in this version.

Other new features include a competitive multiplayer mode where up to four players try to collect as many orbs as they can by collecting them from fallen enemies. Players will also be able to take part in a boss fight mode and listen to all of their favorite melodies in a jukebox.

These two titles will be sold separately and are expected to be released in Japan sometime spring 2008.