Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 06: Rescuing Juju

The best JRPG in years is finally here, but with all this content, it's easy to get lost. Thankfully, GameZone.com is here with our full Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough and FAQ! This walkthrough assumes you are using the Wii Classic Controller. If you're using the standard Wii Remote, please consider buying an actual video game controller and playing the game correctly!

Gaur Plain: Rescuing Juju


  • Leg Arachno (Lv015-017)
  • Fierce Vang (Lv014)
  • Gust Vang (Lv015)
  • Leg Lizard (Lv015)
  • Aqua Nebula (Lv017)
  • Mechon M32 (Lv014)
  • M42 Scout Unit (Lv013)
  • Mechon M53 (Lv013)
  • Mechon M64 (Lv014-015)
  • Mechon M71 (Lv018) [BOSS}
  • Greeg Gogol (Lv75) [AVOID]
  • Dark Hox (Lv76) [AVOID]


  • Vegetable: Hot Taro, Juicy Broccoli, Spicy Cabbage, Hard Lotus (Reward: Pelt Top)
  • Fruit: Sour Gooseberry, Red Durian, Walnut Grape, Humming Plum (Reward: Paralysis II)
  • Bug: White Ladybird, Hill Firefly, Moth Crawler, Queen Locust, Fire Tarantula (Reward: Grand Gauntlets)
  • Nature: Mat Ice, Bluesky Bark, Pione Stone (Reward: Bind Resist II)
  • Parts: Rusty Bolt, Winding Gear (Reward: Strength Up II)
  • Strange: Gold Dust Illusion, Devious Gravity, White Songbird, Death Bangle (Reward: Pelt Bottoms)
  • 100% Completion Reward: White Cluster

Before leaving the refugee camp, make sure to collect up as many sidequests as you can find. There's plenty to be found, so check back during night and day to try and snag them all. Notably, you'll find the refugee Earnest on the hill out of town, who claims there's a mineral deposit nearby that never runs out. This detour (to Kisk Cave, directly east of the camp) will snag you some sick gear from Arachnos crawling around, as well as a powerful Lime Bangle from Earnest, so you may want to consider trying it out now. After you're done conquering sidequests, it's time to head towards Raguel Bridge, north of the camp. 

Along the way you'll definitely encounter some waves of Mechon. Take care not to stray left to the brown platforms over the water, where some deadly overpowered Dark Hox are waiting. Instead, unload on the Mechon with the standard tactics, using Mechon Speed to avoid the multitude of Physical Arts if you find yourself surrounded.

LANDMARK [Raguel Bridge – South]
Reward: 99 EXP, 66AP, 24SP
Location: Bridge entrance in southeast of Gaur Plain

At the Raguel Bridge you'll find Juju's crashed buggy. Shulk has another vision of Juju in trouble, and the group sets across the bridge towards him.

LANDMARK [Raguel Bridge – North]
Reward: 99 EXP, 66AP, 24SP
Location: Bridge entrance in northeast of Gaur Plain

LOCATION [Maguel Road]
Reward: 37 EXP, 22 AP, 8 SP
Location: The small pass leading to the far east of Gaur Plain

Follow the arrow towards where Juju is hiding. Stay away from the left side of the path, where some dangerous Greed Gogol are chilling. You'll likely encounter more Mechon on the way but simply smash through them and continue on to the far east side of the Guar Plain. There you'll encounter the Mechon M71. Check out our boss guide for details on taking it down!