Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 05: The Gaur Plain

The best JRPG in years is finally here, but with all this content, it's easy to get lost. Thankfully, GameZone.com is here with our full Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough and FAQ! This walkthrough assumes you are using the Wii Classic Controller. If you're using the standard Wii Remote, please consider buying an actual video game controller and playing the game correctly!

Bionis Leg: Gaur Plain


  • Weather Flier (Lv010)
  • Light Wisp (Lv013)
  • Leg Skeeter (Lv010)
  • Daughter Armu (Lv010)
  • Leg Arm (Lv012)
  • Leg Ardun (Lv013)
  • Berserk Ardun (Lv014) [BOSS FIGHT]
  • Arm Bunnit (Lv011)
  • Plane Bunnit (Lv012)
  • Leg Volff (Lv013)
  • Leader Volff (Lv015)
  • Leg Antol (Lv013)
  • Basin Antol (Lv015)
  • Spear Tirkin (Lv013)
  • Leg Piranhax (Lv013)
  • Easy Hox (Lv013-014)
  • Field Ponio (LV014)
  • Black Flamii (Lv012)
  • Lahar Flamii (Lv073) [AVOID]


  • Vegetable: Hot Taro, Juicy Broccoli, Spicy Cabbage, Hard Lotus (Reward: Pelt Top)
  • Fruit: Sour Gooseberry, Red Durian, Walnut Grape, Humming Plum (Reward: Paralysis II)
  • Bug: White Ladybird, Hill Firefly, Moth Crawler, Queen Locust, Fire Tarantula (Reward: Grand Gauntlets)
  • Nature: Mat Ice, Bluesky Bark, Pione Stone (Reward: Bind Resist II)
  • Parts: Rusty Bolt, Winding Gear (Reward: Strength Up II)
  • Strange: Gold Dust Illusion, Devious Gravity, White Songbird, Death Bangle (Reward: Pelt Bottoms)
  • 100% Completion Reward: White Cluster

After defeating the Arachno Queen, you may want to proceed back into the Tephra Caves with Reyn to take care of any unique monsters you missed (such as the Gluttonous Eugen in Villa Lake). You'll also now have access to skill links, so don't forget to set some up now! After finishing your business in the cave, proceed west from the queen's cavern to exit onto the Bionis Leg.

Reward: 77 EXP, 48 AP, 18SP
Location: East from the exit of Tephra Cave

LANDMARK [Ragrinar Canyon Path]
Reward: 77 EXP, 48 AP, 18SP
Location: One loading screen beyond Leg Pass

Proceed East, where you'll eventually spot an item seller and a quest-giving Homs Traveler loitering around. Pick up any equipment stronger than what you've got (not much else to do with your coins at this point), and be sure to accept all of the resident's simple yet rewarding Monster Quests (four in total). Then proceed to the massive overworld of the Bionis Leg. There, Shulk and Reyn spot a fire, and decide to check it out.

LOCATION [Gaur Plain]
Reward: 30 EXP, 22 AP, 8SP
Location: Right as you enter the Bionis Leg overworld area

Reyn and Shulk investigate, finding an overheated vehicle. Shulk has a vision of the owner, a young boy, in trouble! Time to go and save him! Follow the arrow north to find Juju being assaulted by a pair of Berserk Ardun.

These Ardun should be no problem for a properly outfitted team. They are heavily armored however, so take care to attack their back and sides, or topple them for easy damage. Afterwards, Juju will invite you to a camp set up for the survivors of the assault on Colony 6.

As you follow the arrow towards camp, keep your eye out for any Guidepost landmarks, as they'll make it easier to fast travel around the massiv Guar Plain later.

At night some rarer monsters have a tendency to come out, such as Light Wisps and Leg Antols, which tend to drop some decent gear. You'll also find a Refugee right outside the camp with some Challenge quests to give away. There's lots of quests to be found around the refugee camp, so come back at different times of day to try and get them all! 

LANDMARK [Refugee Camp)
Reward: 95 EXP, 66AP, 24SP
Location: The southeast corner of Guar Plain

Inside the camp you'll meet Sharla, who reveals just how badly Colony 6 has been damaged. Unfortunately, Juju seems like he wants to take things into his own hands, sneaking off in the night on his buggy towards the Colony. Realizing this, Shulk has a vision of Juju's impending demise. Time to rescue him!