Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 02: Into Tephra Cave

The best JRPG in years is finally here, but with all this content, it's easy to get lost. Thankfully, GameZone.com is here with our full Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough and FAQ! This walkthrough assumes you are using the Wii Classic Controller. If you're using the standard Wii Remote, please consider buying an actual video game controller and playing the game correctly!

Colony 9: Path to Tephra Cave


  • Hand Bunnit (Lv002)
  • Wood Bunnit (Lv003-004)
  • Knuckle Bunnit (Lv004)
  • Praying Caterpile (Lv003)
  • Ridge Antol (Lv004)


  • Vegetable: Sweet Wasabi, Cool Potato, Red Lettuce, Chewy Radish (Reward: Quick Step III)
  • Fruit: Dance Apple, Black Kiwi (Reward: Agility Up II)
  • Flower: Strong Dandelion, Moon Flower, Dawn Hydrangea (Reward: Poison Defense III)
  • Bug: Prairie Dragonfly, Giant Hornet, White Beetle, Sorrow Beetle (Reward: Regnas Gauntlets)
  • Parts: Blue Chain, Rabbit Diode (Reward: Ether Up II)
  • Strange: Plate Snow, Rainbow Zirconia (Reward: Strength Up II)
  • 100% Completion Reward: Carbon Driver

Before you leave Colony 9, consider stopping by the shop in Ether Light. There's a few decent items worth considering, including the Battle Gear helmet and Battle Armour for Reyn. Afterwards, follow the arrow out of town, west towards the Tephra Caves.

Continue up the hillside, taking out the various Bunnits and Caterpiles as you see fit. At night you'll find the hill swarming with Ridge Antols, who can sometimes drop some decent gear.

LANDMARK [Tephra Cave Entrance]
Reward: 48EXP, 18AP, 6SP
Location: Right outside the entrance to Tephra cave

At the top of the path Fiona will join back up with the party. There's a Heart-to-Heart nearby, though it requires Shulk and Reyn to be at a 🙂 level of affinity. You likely haven't achieved this yet, though hopefully you can make Shulk and Reyn friends by battling wisely in the caves and helping each other out.

Before you enter, talk to the soldier to the left of the entrance, who had many cave-related quests to give. Then, proceed inside!

Tephra Cave


  • Clap Bunniv (Lv004)
  • Willow Bunniv (Lv005)
  • Iron Bunniv (Lv007)
  • Singing Brog (Lv008)
  • Mell Lizard (Lv005)
  • Mining Patrichev (Lv008) [UNIQUE]
  • Cellar Bugworm (Lv010) [UNIQUE]
  • Wallslide Gwynry (Lv009) [UNIQUE]


  • Fruit: Clear Almond, Bright Fig, Dark Grape (Reward: Lightning Attack II)
  • Flower: Insanity Mint, Night Tulip (Reward: Poison Defence III)
  • Animal: Shin Newt, Cave Rat, Shin Gecko, Happy Rabbit (Reward: HP Up II)
  • Bug: Brown Butterfly, Gold Caterpillar, Rumble Stonefly (Reward: Slow Resist II)
  • Nature: Knewwcap Rock, Confusion Ivy, Clarity Moss (Reward: Attack Plus II)
  • Strange: Leaf Mystery, Steel Silk (Reward: Attack Stability II)
  • 100% Completion Reward: Warrior Cuisses

As you enter the cave, you'll encounter a pack of Bunniv. Take them out, which will likely fufill one of the quests given to you by the Defense Force soldier outside. If you proceed straight into the main cave, you'll run into a Caterpile nest, along with the nasty Cellar Bugworm. You'll want to be about Lv012 or so before taking him on, so until then, bear left along the secret path, which passes over the Caterpile Nest.

LOCATION [Caterpile Nest]
Reward: 20 EXP, 12 AP, 4 SP
Location: Just inside Tephra Cave (you can find this location by passing over it on the secret path)

Further along the path is a tiny nook with some Bunniv hanging out in it. They'll ignore you if you pass by, though some Bunniv drop decent gear like the Light Gloves, so it may be worthwhile to grind for those.

As the path slopes back down to ground level, you'll see the Mining Patrichev chilling in the back of the area. He'll ignore you if you run past, though this Unique Monster has some seriously decent loot. Next to his chamber are some Iron Bunnivs and Singing Brogs, which are worth a hefty chunk of EXP. Either keep grinding here or continue on into the caves and return later, when you're level 10 or so. Then you'll be ready to fight the Patrichev.

Even at Lv010, this battle can be tough. Equip Reyn so that he has as much physical defense and HP as possible, as he'll begin the fight by drawing the monster's attention, and will be recieving most of the damage. While this is happening, unload with Shulk's Arts, especially Turn Slash, which will lower its defense and make it easier to take down. Try to topple it as many times as possible, by having Shulk use his break arts when enough time has passed that Reyn's topple ability is likely refreshed. If you get a chance, heal Reyn as he's taking his lumps, but otherwise just unload on the Patriarch and you'll be okay.

Every unique monster you defeat will drop a rare treasure chest and an affinity coin (good for linking skills later in the game). Take a look at the gear dropped by the Mining Patrichev and equip it as needed. There's a good chance the Patrichev will drop the Million Driver weapon for Reyn, which is definitely awesome. Afterwards, continue north towards the back of the cave.

LANDMARK [Mag Mell Ruins]
Reward: None
Location: The far back of Tephra cave

LOCATION [Warehouse 2]
Reward: 21 EXP, 12 AP, 4 SP
Location: The far back of Tephra cave

After smashing up some baddies in the warehouse, head up a level on the ramp. Continuing east you'll find a door with a glowing green emblem.

Green means go! Head through that door, then the next one, where you'll find a large collection of underpowered Mell Lizards. Take them out quick, because it isn't long before their daddy, the Wallslide Gwynry, approaches from the right path. Rather than try and fight the big lizard now, you're better off escaping down the left path and returning later, when you're around Lv012 or so. 

LANDMARK [Rear Entrance]
Reward: 55EXP, 36AP, 13SP
Location: The exit of Tephra Cave

Keep on going down this path and you'll soon find the exit of the Tephra Cave! Time to snag those ether cylinders!