xbox outsells cube 2:1 in Europe

Chart-Track and GfK numbers for the 2002 calendar year indicate that Xbox has well exceeded the million-console mark in the

UK, France, and Germany alone. This, combined with strong sales in the rest of the region, places Xbox well ahead of

Nintendo’s GameCube. Based on the figures from Chart-Track and GfK during the key retail month of December, Xbox outsold

GameCube by a factor of 2:1. This phenomenal result clearly established Xbox as the number-two player in the region heading

into 2003.

European gamers showed their support for Xbox in huge numbers with near sell-out sales of the console in the region. The Sega

Christmas Pack from Xbox, a limited edition Xbox Christmas offer that included €120/£80 worth of triple-A games from Sega for

free, also proved a winner with gamers across Europe. Many stores sold out of stock before Christmas.

“We are pleased that this Christmas was the Xbox-green we predicted,” said Neil Thompson, Director of Marketing, Xbox

Europe. “Our increasing market share is great news for us. The steady increase in Xbox gamers over the year proves our

strategy of offering consumers exactly what they wanted has paid off – a well-priced console, with more power than any other

console on the market, a killer games portfolio and a built-in broadband adapter for instant online gaming with Xbox Live*. The

choice gamers had to make at Christmas was a tough one but the numbers show that Xbox was the first choice for a significant

number of people. We are looking forward to seeing our number two position in the market going from strength to strength.”

“Consumers know that when they buy Xbox they are buying something that is offering amazing features and abilities that really

sets Xbox apart from the competition,” said Thompson. “A built-in hard disc, together with unrivalled graphics and Dolby 5.1

surround sound, revolutionary gameplay, and top-quality DVD playback, lets gamers get even more from their Xbox”

The Xbox Difference is further amplified by the advent of Xbox Live, launching in eight countries across Europe on 14th March,

Xbox owners can look forward to the future of gaming, both online and off. The Live Test Drive currently taking place in France,

Germany and the UK has been a huge success, with literally thousands of gamers signed up to participate and enjoying a

unique experience.

Yves Guillemot, President, UbiSoft Entertainment, added, “We believe that this Christmas has really established Xbox in the

minds of European gamers as a powerful and strong-selling console, able to bring to market some of the best games around,

such as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. As a developer we believe that gamers can only benefit from this kind of healthy

competition and the sales over Christmas indicate that gamers believe that.