Xbox Live to Receive Original Video Content

The New York Times has reported that Hollywood Producer Peter Safran has inked a deal with Microsoft that will see him bring new, original content to the Xbox Live Marketplace. The first of these will be scripted 10-minute affairs that are due this Fall.

Xbox Live Global Marketing Manager for Programming Scott Nocas says that “We definitely look at this as the first of many,” as they expect other similar deals to follow.

“The Xbox is unique. It operates at a level outside of what we generally consider Web entertainment,” said Safron, referring to the demographic drawn to the system by the likes of Halo and other game franchises.

The NYT notes that while Safron represents Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Nia Vardolos (of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” fame) and the directors of Epic Movie, he’s not looking for any big stars for these projects, though he does hope to recruit some established filmmakers.