Xbox 360 Failure Rate Commentary

It is the dread of every Xbox 360 console owner – the red rings of death. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you probably know someone who has. The Xbox 360 has proven to be a finicky beast to deal with.

Peter Moore, a Microsoft executive comments on the Xbox 360 failure problem:

“I can’t comment on failure rates, because it’s just not something – it’s a moving target. What this consumer should worry about is the way that we’ve treated him. Y’know, things break, and if we’ve treated him well and fixed his problem, that’s something that we’re focused on right now. I’m not going to comment on individual failure rates because I’m shipping in 36 countries and it’s a complex business.”

Early reports have the average failure rate of the Xbox 360 much higher than the Microsoft advertised “3%”.

Despite the failure rate, Moore urges Xbox 360 users to focus on the positive response Microsoft has given owners of faulty consoles and not solely on the problem of failure.

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