Xbox 2 at E3, Maybe Not for GDC

In the recent articles reported, the Xbox 2 has been a wide turn filled with questions and controversy. One of our sources, Teamxbox has confirmed from a Microsoft audio webcast hosted by John Connors, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer was talking about the financial status of the company’s percentage values and performance.

In the Q&A, it had regarded the Xbox 2 and it release date. Teamxbox picked up Connors stating from the audio webcast, “In terms on the next Xbox, we haven’t announced a release. I think the next period when Robbie and the team will talk about that is at E3 in Los Angeles in May. They’re hard at work on it, but it doesn’t have a summer announce.”

More of this following story continues at the source link below. Also, make sure to look out for our exclusive ‘XA Rant #2’ this weekend on Xbox Advanced. We’ll be at E3 to cover more of this story.