XA Radio: Halo 2 Release Party Special

Xbox Advanced.com of Advanced Media Network today announced their new radio station, XA Radio. The time will be XA Radio plans to hold a Halo 2 release party for the anticipated Halo 2 fans. All Xbox gamers, with a cable/DSL (best connection), can be able to ‘tune-in’ to XA Radio. Provided by Live365.com, Teamspeak, and their respect8ive staff.

“Halo 2, possibly the biggest game release in the history of this market is sure to be a blast! Here at Xbox Advanced, we wanted to deliver a unique experience for our readers that you can’t find on any other site,” as Sean O’Neill, Advanced Media Networks Co-Owner/ PR stated. “A full blown Halo 2 online release party and your all
invited. And like all Advanced Media Network sites we don’t charge you a penny! So sit back, relax and get ready for a hell of a ride! See you all on Xbox Live!”

The Halo 2 party will feature:

* Voice chat line provided by Teamspeak (download Teamspeak client at GoTeamspeak.com)

* Text message hotline to have the messages read ‘on the air’

* A free copy of Halo 2 giveaway contest

“A game that has its own type of hype will be sure to have some type of hype for our station,” as Jamil Matheny, XA Radio Host & Editorial Editor, Xbox Advanced.com. “Halo 2 is obviously going to be one hell of a game but the most important aspect of the experience will likely be provided by the community surrounding it. Gamers coming together at LAN parties and over Live, as well as on the web in celebration and anticipation of the title’s imminent release.”

In order to hear the broadcast all you need to do is head to THIS LINK sign up for free and tune in on the night of the 8th. Those who actually want to call in and contribute to the broadcast, we recommend the use of TeamSpeak, which can be downloaded HERE.

Channel/Server name: XA Radio
IP Address:

Use this FAQ in order to facilitate your understanding the configuration process.

Halo 2 will be available on November 9th. The show will start on the 8th around10p.m. EST (NYC, DC, VA, NC, FL timing). For more information on the text message options, users may use any phone to text message (charges may apply and vary). The number will be provided on the show while ‘on the air’. Stay tuned for more information, or contact us via the AMN Xbox forums.