Wii is Most Searched-For Console on Yahoo!; DS Doesn’t Even Make Top 10

Online or off, people are searching for Wii, and that includes the domains of search engines such as Yahoo!, where according to their Top 10 most searched-for technology terms, it was the most popular console queried by users.

“Every day, people turn to the web to learn more about the world around them,” says Yahoo! Web Life editor Heather Cabot. “Their searches reveal which news events, personalities and issues made an impact in 2008.” — Gamasutra

It’s interesting to note that Wii Fit was in 12th place, and that the PSP made the top five, while the Nintendo DS didn’t even land on the chart.

The full Top 10 is as follows:

The complete Top 10 Most-Searched Technology Terms list follows:

1. Digital Camera
2. iPhone
3. Wii
4. Xbox 360
5. PSP
6. Blackberry
7. Skype
8. PS3
9. iPod
10. Garmin