Wii Fit Has Big First Day; Sells Fewer Units Yet Makes More Money Than Brawl or Kart

At long last, after months of waiting and buildup, Wii Fit has been unleashed upon the world! Er, well, America, anyway. As we’re all so fat and lazy here, that Nintendo didn’t want to risk the reputation of their latest creation by having it release here sooner for us to ignore it and say it doesn’t work, only to jinx sales in the rest of the world.

Or so the conspiracy theorist in me says. Who the hell really knows, or cares? It’s here now, right?

Such would seem to be the opinion of a group of people, a group 650,000 strong, who purchased the package on Day One. And at a rate of $90 (minus a penny, and ten dollars more in Canadia) per unit, that tallied up to about $60 million in sales the first day.

Comparatively speaking, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo’s top Week One debut in the Americas, moved 950,000 out of the gate, but only brought in $47.5 million its first day. Mario Kart Wii did a little better than Wii Fit in terms of units moved (750,000), but still didn’t bring in as much money. While the figures for the first week of sales are not yet available, the other two saw a ratio of 5:3 for week one sales to day sales.

And from there, sales could go up (provided Nintendo can manage more inventory) to a level threatening to the likes of Halo 3 or Grand Theft Auto IV. Check out VG Chartz for more number crunching.