Wii Fit Girl Gets Revenge, Dude Pulls Down Pants on TV

Do you remember Wii Fit Girl? If not, let me refresh your memory. She was the girl who was secretly recorded by her boyfriend playing Wii Fit in her panties. It became one of the biggest videos on Youtube almost overnight and ultimately cemented her position in the nerdgasm hall of fame. Well, it looks like she finally put on some pants and got some payback.

It must have been a slow day over at Tyra when they decided to let Lauren Bernat (Wii Fit Girl) get revenge on her boyfriend, Giovanny Gutierrez, by making him drop his pants and commit the same act he made her famous her. Okay, that last line just makes it sound a lot more dirty than it actually is. The video is pretty harmless and I promise you will not see any sausage and/or man bits for the whole 39 seconds of it.