Wii/DS Connectivity Detailed Between Castlevania Judgment and Order of Ecclesia

As if Castlevania fans needed a reason to purchase both Castlevania Judgment for Wii and Order of Ecclesia for DS when they release later this year, series creator Koji Igarashi has included some neat unlockable features for the two games when they are connected to each other.

“When you connect Order of Ecclesia to Judgment you unlock a couple of things. In Order of Ecclesia the level max is 99, but once you connect to Judgment the level max immediately increases to 255. Also, you unlock an item called ‘Queen of Heart.’

For the Wii version the main character from Order of Ecclesia, Shanoa, is unlocked for all modes. The new character Aeon is also unlocked in every mode except Story Mode. Also, some accessories will be unlocked.” — Koji Igarashi to GameSpy

Pretty cool unlockables, though I wonder about the usefulness of having a level 255 character in Order of Ecclesia when, I assume, the original level 99 max is enough to beat the game.