Why the Janesen 88 Costs $2 More to Own in Burnout Paradise

Recently, Criterion released their “Legendary Cars” downloadable content for Burnout Paradise, giving drivers four new ways to travel the roads of Paradise City.

But, if where you’re going, you don’t need roads, then you might be wondering just why the Janesen 88 (aka “the DeLorean”) costs $3.99 when purchased on its own, versus the $1.99 the other cars ask.

“It’s because it can drive and fly (time travel is free :)),” an Electronic Arts spokesperson told MTV Multiplayer.

Of course, if you decide to go the CostCo route and buy the cars in bulk, the whole kit ‘n kaboodle will run you $7.99, bringing the Janesen back down a little closer to its more Earthly compatriots.

The question then, as MTV puts it, is if the chance to own a flying car (warning: NSFW) is worth two bucks to you.