Why Should Consumers Buy a DS Lite When DSi is Right Around the Corner? Nintendo Responds

In continuing with the dissection of our interview with Nintendo’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications Charles Scibetta, we asked the question that everyone has had on their mind ever since the announcement of the DSi: why would anyone purchase a DS Lite now that they know the DSi is right around the corner?

Kombo: As a consumer, Why would I buy a DS this holiday season when I know the DSi is coming very soon?

Charlie: Do you love great games? If you love great games you’re going to be able to get them this holiday season on the DS Lite. If you want to wait, that’s your choice and we’ll have you covered next year with the DSi. It’s got a great price point at $129.99, there’s a lot of great content out there for it, and any games you buy now for the DS Lite are going to be compatible with the DSi in the future.
— Nintendo

The river of PR puke keeps flowing.