Why Miyamoto was Worried about Phantom Hourglass

Shigeru Miyamoto admits that he was originally worried about the controls for Phantom Hourglass in an interview with Touch-DS.

“Of course, we were worried whether we could make a good Zelda game that used the stylus control scheme of the DS, but once we did it, the game didn’t lose its Zelda essence,” Miyamoto said.

Miyamoto goes on to explain the controls for the game and even has a message for all types of Zelda fans.

First, he tells Zelda fans that the series has changed, but Phantom Hourglass still has the essence of Zelda and is still fun.

For older fans, Miyamoto says that it is okay to not go easy on it.

Finally, he says that new fans will find the game interactive and feel like the game is a comic book instead of an RPG or adventure game.

The Hylia has the complete interview, translated to English.