Who Would You Rather? Mai vs. Sophitia

We're done with Week 1 of Who Would You Rather? and the winner by only a few votes was Jill Valentine, which means she'll be making it to the Semi-Finals!

This week we have two kick ass chicks with some great qualities coming from the King of Fighters / Fatal Fury universe and the Soul Calibur universe.

Mai Shiranui is a nimble ninja girl who uses a fan as her weapon. This is not only to set her enemies on fire, but also because it makes a great accessory. Let's face it, Mai's got it where it counts, and that's pretty much everywhere. There is a reason she became SNK's recognized sex symbol over the years.

Sophitia Alexandra might come across as the shy girl next door, but if anything, she's quite the opposite. She knows how to handle a sword and shield with finesse. She's so bad ass that the God of Fire and Forge, Hephaestus appeared before her and tasked her with destroying an evil blade. It also helps that Sophitia is just plain hot.

Who Would You Rather? Mai vs Sophitia