What’s your must-have launch day title for PS4 or Xbox One?

Let's put all the technical specifications and hardware debates aside for a second and talk about something we all really care about — games. Yes, with all of the talk of DRM and always-connected, we forgot about the most important aspect of owning a console.

So we return to the GameZone roundtable with one very simple question: what next-gen (Xbox One or PS4) launch day title is your must-have game?

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Lance Liebl

This is a really tough question for me to answer. There’s definitely games in the "Launch Window" for both the PS4 and Xbox One that have my attention — inFamous Second Son, The Crew, The Order: 1886, Project Spark — but that’s not what this question is about.

As a huge sports fan, and as a gamer that buys every sports title yearly, I’m really interested in seeing how much more realistic sports games will be, specifically with EA Sports’ Ignite Engine. We’ve seen video and had a little hands-on time to show off some of the details of the Ignite Engine, but we haven’t actually played a game. Sports games should really improve on the next-gen consoles.

But my most anticipated launch day game has got to be Battlefield 4. From the moment DICE and EA dropped the reveal video, that has become — for me — the poster boy for what next-gen games should be like. That’s the one game that when you play it, you should immediately think, ‘yea, this is next-gen console gaming.’ And since my PC won’t be able to run BF4 on its highest settings, the consoles will be the only place I’ll be able to experience the beauty of it.

Verdict: Battlefield 4

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Sadly, I'm not nearly as excited for the launch of next-gen consoles as I should be. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see the potential of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but when it comes to confirmed games — that will be available on day one — there's not one that I consider a "must have" game.

Yes, Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs look like fantastic third party titles, but those will both be available on current gen system, albeit with subpar graphics. When it comes to true next-gen games, Microsoft and Sony have both let me down with their exclusives. Neither have wowed me with their offerings. Honestly, next-gen is shaping up to be just a continuation of what we already have. But I've yet to even see a game announced that even looks on par with what The Last of Us or BioShock Infinite offered. To be honest, I'm more excited for the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX and Beyond: Two Souls then anything that has been shown for the Xbox One and PS4 thus far.

Verdict: Not ready to ditch my PS3 yet. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX & Beyond: Two Souls.

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Tatiana Morris

While none of next-gen launch titles really stuck out to me, I'm anticipating Killzone: Shadow Fall the most (if Watch Dogs wasn't coming out on the PS3, I'd totally be saying Watch Dogs right now).

Killzone was one of the first next-gen games that I saw and I'm still pretty psyched about it. The game looks beautiful, the story looks interesting and the combat looks fun (in what other game do you get to attacked by Grumpy Cat?).

Since the game takes place thirty years since Killzone 3 there's new technology and gameplay style in Shadow Fall and I'm really looking forward to exploring what the devs at Guerrilla Cambridge are offering. A lot of gameplay has been shown off since it was announced and I haven't seen anything that has deterred me from wanting this game.

Verdict: Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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Max Baehr

In typical waffling fashion, there are a bunch of titles I’m pumped for, and all for different reasons. So I guess I should pick a prevailing reason and speak to that? Sure. That certainly narrows it down a bit…

ULTRA ULTRA ultra ultra ultra ultra YEP! It’s Killer Instinct, and here’s why:

Pretty much everything we’ve seen for this next generation pushes new tech, new multiplayer mechanics (what up, Forza 5? How you doin’, Watch Dogs?), and super-sleek, sexy graphics. Cool. All of that will rely on player adoption of new technologies, and adequately-sized player base to support new mechanics. Again: cool. We’ll wait. And I can afford to wait, because I can’t afford to buy either new console at launch. Especially not the Kinect-o-tron.

What Killer Instinct introduces into this storm is essentially the mobile/casual free-to-play-with-DLC model on a could-be full console release. If it doesn’t work, I still get to nostalgically reboot my days getting straight rocked by Dan Sullivan’s older brother down the street; if it does, we may see Microsoft taking a risk that shifts purchase models, giving this console generation a fighting chance of being interesting beyond its technology. So, that’d be pretty cool.

Verdict: Killer Instinct.

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Mike Splechta

Watch Dogs blew me away during its reveal last year, and I can safely say I'm just as much excited for it now as I was back then. There is something quite appealing about being the hacker overlord of Chicago. Being able to hack people's phones to overhear conversations or jack into cameras and survey the area is both terrifying and awesome. It's also quite ambiguous whether you're playing as the good guy, or just a straight up vigilante who's only out for himself.

Since open world is now the standard of next-gen titles, I'm interested to see just how much better and more alive Chicago will be with that extra processing power. Seamless multiplayer is also a big draw for me, since I'm eager to jump into other players games and attempt to hack their phone. It's like Spy vs. Spy Hacker Edition. Is Watch Dogs Ubisoft's next Assassin's Creed franchise? I guess it's too early to tell, but I'm all in.

Verdict: Watch Dogs.

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Andrew Clouther

I don’t know, Killer Instinct? As a fan of the franchise, I honestly never thought I’d play a new game on current gen consoles or next gen consoles. Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat were my introduction to the fighting game genre. I understand that there are completely different studios, but since the last Mortal Kombat was amazing why shouldn’t the new Killer Instinct be the same… right? Right? Lastly, as someone not planning on getting a next gen console, Killer Instinct is the perfect launch title since it’s free to play and I’ll be able to freeload-play it on anyone’s Xbox One.    

Verdict: Killer Instinct, I guess.

What is your most anticipated Xbox One or PS4 launch day title? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter: @GameZoneOnline.