What ‘Lips’ is All About

Lips has been a whisper on the wind for about two months now. Some haven’t heard about the intriguing Microsoft product at all, while others have gone so far as to speculate the potential for a completely voice controlled game.

In the current flood of E3 leaks, another has pointed out the rumored news from Microsoft regarding their slutty, tease Lips.

Lips is a music and singing game that includes 30 songs, 2 wireless interactive microphones, the ability to use and sing your own music or downloaded songs from an online service. Designed to have fun with friends, Lips scores you on your singing (pitch, rhythm, and tune) and overall performance.

Wireless mics are interactive, with lights on the shaft of the microphone that pulse to the rhythm of your voice, and motion sensors that allow you to dance, move or swing to score points.

Take songs from a CD or your iPod, and upload them into the game. The game will reduce the vocals so you can sing along and be heard, and score on whether you’re in tune. Lyrics can also be added directly into the song to sing along.

This news is really lackluster for me… I hate karaoke games. I do, however, love the concept of uploading my own songs. I hope future Guitar Hero titles and Rock Band do the same.