WET to Raise the Body Count in 2008

WET, a third person adventure title set for 2008 was announced for the 360 and PS3 yesterday by Sierra Entertainment.

“The mix of guns, acrobatics and swords in the midst of non-stop action will undoubtedly ensure Rubi takes the title as the most exciting heroine ever in video games,” said Martin Tremblay, president, Worldwide Studios, Sierra Entertainment. “WET is an exciting addition to Sierra Entertainment’s original games portfolio.”

The title will feature Rubi, a “powerful heroine”, who must utilize her various combat skills to find the man who betrayed her after he “left her for dead” while sending her on a mission to find his son.

Here is a list of features quoted verbatim from Sierra entertainment:

  • Innovative 3rd person shooter gameplay: With her trusty twin custom made Colt Pythons, Rubi gracefully engages in amazing, cinematic high-body count gunplay against diverse and challenging enemies.
  • Acrobatics: Along with her guns, Rubi has an arsenal of death-defying acrobatic moves. Her incredible agility allows her to climb on ledges, slide under obstacles, swing on poles and run along walls.
  • Swordplay: Rubi’s sword is an instrument for deadly close-quarter proximity attacks. Rubi will unleash a flurry of multi-staged stylized attack sequences.

The A2M developed title does not have a firm release date but expect more news when the game approaches its worldwide release in 2008.

AMN will keep you updated.