Web Chat with racing games developers

Alex Ward, Creative Manager on Criterion Games; Burnout 2.

Shawn Hargreaves, Lead Programmer on Climax’s MotoGP and MotoGP2

If you love playing Burnout 2 and MotoGP2 on Xbox Live and you’ve got a burning question about these killer racing games then now is your chance to ask it to the guys who made them. Xbox.com is hosting the first online, European Xbox Chat featuring developers from these leading Xbox racing games. Now you have the chance to join the growing community of online gamers for an evening of Live enlightenment. Post your question and you could be one of the lucky ones to get your answer personally from these developers. They will be available to answer your questions in English on Xbox Live for over an hour.

The Web Chat will be hosted in English so if you can’t join the chat or if your question is not in English please post it by 6pm on 25th June to allow time for translation. Go to the forums on your local Xbox.com site for more information.

Wednesday 2 July from 7.00pm GMT (UK time)

Go to: xbox.com/your country site/live

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