We celebrate the life of Robin Williams

Comedian and actor Robin Williams passed away yesterday at the age of 63. Everyone that knew him loved him. The response around the film and internet communities is one of shock and disbelief. Everyone I know has had their lives touched by one of the movies Robin Williams lent his talent to. My friend wrote on Facebook something that summed up perfectly how everyone felt about him: "He was like that really fun uncle that you never get to see but when you do it's the most fun you've had in a while."

Everyone feels like they've lost a member of their family and a part of their childhood, and it's because of the films and memorable moments that he gave us. He even gave gamers fond memories, as he named his daughter Zelda and made a commercial for Nintendo a few years ago.

Robin Williams will undoubtedly be missed. But he leaves a legacy with us. He helped us do so many things…

He helped us learn the importance of eating spinach. – Popeye, 1980


He helped us find Neverland and realize that "To live would be an awfully big adventure." Bangarang. –  Hook, 1991


He helped save the rain forest. – FernGully: The Last Rainforest

ferngully: the last rainforest

He made wishes come true. – Aladdin, 1992


He made everyone wish they had a nanny like him. – Mrs. Doubtfire, 1993

mrs. doubtfire

He made board games exciting. – Jumanji, 1995

jumanji gif

He made us all wish we had a gay dad that owned a cabaret. – The Birdcage, 1996

the birdcage

He showed us that you're never too old to be a kid. – Jack, 1996


He helped us realize not everything is our fault. – Good Will Hunting, 1997

it's not your fault gif good will hunting

He moved heaven and Earth for his wife. – What Dreams May Come, 1998

what dreams may come

He healed us with laughter. – Patch Adams, 1998

patch adams

He taught us how to be human. – Bicentennial Man, 1999

bicentennial man

He made history cool. – Night at the Museum, 2006

night at the museum

He taught us about the game of Golf. 

Thank you for giving us these wonderful memories. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

robin williams zelda

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