Walk with Me – Miis on my DS?

Yes. Yes, you will soon be able to tote your Miis around in you pocket. They’ll be living on your DS, starving for attention and completely portable. Your likenesses (or fake, celebrity likenesses) can go with you anywhere. Too bad it’s a Wii-bit lame… and no, those crappy Wii puns never get old.

The Miis will be a part of this walking gauge title for the DS. We talked about the fancy gizmo that comes with the game a while back. You’ll be able to track your walking habits with a pedometer, sync it with your DS and then compare your results with the rest of the world.

But your Mii will be there! Cool!!! Sort of. Look, I’m all for the further representation of my virtual self, but I’d rather it be punching stuff than simply walking or celebrating when I hit a new hiking milestone.