Voodoo PC Launches VIBE Xbox eXtender

VoodooPC announced today the launch of Voodoo VIBE, a Central Home Theater and Entertainment PC that is designed to sit in your home office as a central media server PC. You can then hook up a custom VIBE XBOX to your TV, and not only can you play XBOX games, but you can record and pause LIVE TV easily. This setup allows you to stream videos, display slide shows, play MP3, play LIVE FM Radio, and even burn recordings to DVD from your VIBE XBOX on the VIBE HTPC.

“Rather than taking a standard PC and making it more difficult to hook up to your TV, we designed the system around the XBOX so someone like my mom could work it,” said Jan Strzepka, VP Business Development, “Not only can my mom work it, but now she doesn’t get off the couch.”

VoodooPC’s VIBE is equipped with the AMD Athlon 64 series of processors, up to 1.6 Terrabytes of Hitachi Drive Storage, and the video is powered by nVidia. Featuring a Dual Tuner capable of recording/playing back television and FM Radio, and an nVidia Geforce 6800 Ultra, the Voodoo VIBE is no slouch. VIBE is also designed to be cool and quiet, emitting very little fan noise. VIBE also uses a new remote control technology, the Logitech Harmony Remote allows you to control every infrared capable device in your home – easily and efficiently.