Virtual Reality Coming To Xbox

Kopin Corporation, the largest manufacturer of microdisplays for mobile consumer electronics in the United States has announced that virtual reality developer 3001 AD, LLC has incorporated the BDM-230K into its Trimersion virtual reality system, which will bring virtual reality gaming to the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 and PC.

“For years, virtual reality game systems were prohibitively expensive, available only to high-end arcades and research facilities. Kopin’s plug-and-play BDM-230K subsystem lets us concentrate on developing great virtual reality environments while letting Kopin take care of video delivery. With stereo sound and Kopin video in the Trimersion, viewers will no longer be playing games: they’ll be living them,” said 3001 AD’s Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Barker.

The Trimersion system brings complete immersion and 360-degree head-tracking to home gaming. The system is the only one that delivers high-quality, multi-platform virtual reality. The Kopin BDM-230K is a part of the Trimersion because it provides a complete binocular video subsystem, delivering full color video that will appear to be as large as a 35-inch display viewed at a seven foot distance.

The head-tracking feature of the Trimersion system lets gamers control elements of virtual environments, such as point of view and player position by turning their head rather than using a keyboard, controller, joystick, or mouse. In addition, the Trimersion system is available in a non-head tracking version for players who prefer a mouse or hand control. The Trimersion system also features a pistol-like input device, which is aimed at shooter-type games.

“Virtual reality is the Holy Grail of gaming and will soon be the status quo in homes around the world, thanks in large part to the strides we’ve made in bringing ultra-small, ultra-high-resolution microdisplays to the mass market. The availability of our BDM should shorten the time to market and lower the cost for virtual reality systems, allowing them to be affordable and fun for the home. In addition to gaming applications, the BDM-230K is ideal for mobile video eyewear for watching movies and music videos, as well as photography, Web surfing, ultra-compact computing and personal communications,” said Kopin’s President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. John C.C. Fan.

“I am very pleased we have the first design-in for our BDM. 3001 AD has chosen BDM-230K for its high image quality and easy-to-use features. I expect our BDM will have many design-ins going forward for various applications,” said Alan Richard, Kopin’s Director of Display Marketing.

No plans have been announced to make the Trimersion virtual reality system compatible with the Xbox 360 or any other next-generation consoles.

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