Virtua Fighter 5 Skipping Japanese Shores?

Could the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 help the console’s dire situation overseas? We’d say the chances are slim to none now that lead designer Tohru Murayama has stated the team hasn’t decided on releasing the game overseas due to the console’s miniature user base.

“But if we [can only release the game] for the US or EU markets, we just hope Virtua Fighter 5 will be a key title which encourages people to buy Xbox 360s”, Murayama continued.

While the title has already become available on the PlayStation 3, it does not offer online play, a missed feature that will be available in the Xbox 360 edition. “Our target for releasing the PlayStation 3 version was timing… We had to match the launch,” he explained.

Microsoft’s console has seen precious little success in the Japanese market, with only 402,000 units sold since its launch nearly two years ago compared to the Wii and PlayStation 3, both of which have sold over a million respectively.