Update: Paper Mario Lawsuit Fell Flat

Earlier this morning, we reported on a lawsuit filed earlier this month by Morgan Creek Productions over the use of a piece of music from one of their movies, “True Romance,” in a commercial for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the GameCube. The suit was dropped six days later with no explanation given.

And while Morgan Creek remains silent, Nintendo was only too happy to share what transpired:

“The lawsuit alleged copyright infringement by Nintendo for its use of the song ‘You’re So Cool’ in a Nintendo GameCube television commercial produced by advertising agency Leo Burnett USA, Inc. In response to the lawsuit, Leo Burnett provided Morgan Creek Productions with a copy of a music license entered into between Leo Burnett USA, on behalf of Nintendo of America and Morgan Creek, for licensing of the song. The lawsuit was dismissed by Morgan Creek Productions the following day.”

I guess that when you deal with Paper, it’s good to know when to hold, and when to fold.