Update: Halo 3 Not So Free


Wow, that free Halo 3 deal is something else, isn’t it? Like a return to days of old, we said.

Turns out that we, and many others, were taken for a brief ride by Microsoft on this one, as an “erroneous post” on Xbox.com seemed to omit a few vital details.

From the website: “For a brief period on November 16, 2007, an erroneous post on this site did not clarify that only those members on the original Xbox are eligible.”

As it happens, you CAN still get Halo 3 for free when you buy an Xbox 360, but the catch which has arisen is that you have to already own an original Xbox console, and have a Live membership, and then migrate the membership to the 360, and upgrade it to Gold.

So, there you have it. A bit of a kick in the pants, and possibly a reason to re-evaluate some Christmas shopping.

Original Story:

Well, Master Chief sure looks happy about something. Whatever could it be?

Maybe it’s Microsoft’s latest announcement. Following in the 16-bit footsteps of SEGA and Nintendo, who once upon a time offered Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Super Mario All-Stars for free to those Johnny-Come-Lately types who held out on purchasing a system, Microsoft is bringing the deal into the 21st century with a bang and in style as they offer up their recently released blockbuster, Halo 3, for free to anyone who buys an Xbox 360 by December 21st.

Then, just sign in to Xbox Live and register here with code XBX7777, your Xbox 360 serial number, and a valid mailing address, and Master Chief will be on his way to your mailbox by January 18th, free of charge.

Naturally, this offer’s only good in the US. Possibly due to jealousy over the Canadian exchange rate, but who’s to say?