Up Up Down Down: Super Hexagon

Here on Up Up Down Down, we usually check out triple-A releases that are available on home consoles and the PC. This time we're changing things up, because, well, we can. And because I want to. And honestly, because Super Hexagon is a hell of a mobile title and arguably one of the best things to ever come to handheld touchscreen platforms. Brought to us from VVVVVV developer Terry Cavanagh, Super Hexagon carries the spirit of frenetic arcade games and tosses in a crazed, dizzying style that makes you feel like you're falling through some weird dimensional portal.

This is one of the best examples of a mobile game done right. Super Hexagon has a ton of heart, and it's a complete product that doesn't ask more from you than the listed price tag. That being said, a few things may stand out to some players as imperfections. So let's take a look at everything that makes up this wonderful endeavor, even those practically insignificant imperfections.

Super Hexagon - iOS - 1

Up Up: It's three bucks

Lesser games have been marketed for more than $3, but Super Hexagon is a title that's well worth its entry fee. For that price, you get a game that hooks you, leaves you wanting more, and sucks you back in. Heck, if you go with the Steam version, you can even buy a two-pack for $4, effectively getting more than your money's worth for even less. Throw in the occasional sale, and Super Hexagon really is quite the stellar value.

Down Down: Three bucks isn't as appealing as a dollar

As great as $3 may be, some individuals may be put off by the price tag. I know, that's dumb, but when so many other games are being offered on mobile platforms for $1, it tends to draw the attention away from a deserving game like Super Hexagon. I'm not saying the price should be lowered, because it's definitely worth the $3, but sadly, this is one of those games that may be overlooked by the common app store frequenter on account of its slightly higher cost and minimalistic look.

Super Hexagon - iOS - 2

Up Up: You still get a lot of awesomeness for that $3 price of admission

Speaking of minimalism, that's a trope that Super Hexagon thrives on impressively well. This game isn't about elaborate detail and explosive graphics. The whole thing is built on this deceptively simple backdrop that makes it easy to return to the experience again and again. The rotating maze-like levels, the intense gameplay, and the riveting thrills are all deliciously captivating. Not to mention there are multiple difficulty levels for players who really want to get as much as possible out of the game.

Down Down: You might give up, in the process cementing your legacy as a loser

Unfortunately for some folks, clearing those multiple difficulty levels might just be nothing more than a mere, hopeless pipe dream. That's actually kind of a shame, because Cavanagh previously stated that anyone can beat every single difficulty of Super Hexagon. The key is patience, persistence, and tenacity. Each level is only a minute long, but the game is so tough that you can spend hours playing before beating it even on the easiest setting. Because of that, some players are likely to give up early on, which is kind of sad and renders said players questionable human beings.

Super Hexagon - iOS - 3

Up Up: Great soundtrack

Accompanying the dizzying gameplay of Super Hexagon is a loud, euphoric soundtrack that's just really fun to listen to whether you're playing or not. It's impossible to get tired of the music in this game, and it goes with the actual gameplay mechanics perfectly, creating an undeniably gripping explosion of harmony and craziness. Put on those headphones and prepare for a wonderful eargasm.

Down Down: A lack of patience means you'll miss out on what this game has to offer

As previously mentioned, some players may not exactly take advantage of the rewarding experience that Super Hexagon has to offer. This is the kind of game that gives you as much as you want to take from it. If you're patient, you can have loads of fun and plenty of reasons to return. On the other hand, if you lack patience, you'll probably only play Super Hexagon for a total of five minutes in your entire lifetime and then never revisit it again.

Super Hexagon - iOS - 4

Left Right Left Right: Super Hexagon is victoriously empowering and beautifully mesmerizing

The thing to take away from Super Hexagon is that it's the type of game that makes you feel like a winner even when you lose. Lasting 12 seconds in one play session and then lasting 13 seconds the next makes you feel like you accomplished something spectacular. Last 14 seconds, and you'll feel like a champion. It's not the most traditional gameplay formula, and it's certainly not for everyone (especially those sad, weak-minded types), but ultimately, Super Hexagon succeeds at challenging its players and making them feel empowered the longer they stick with it.

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