Uncharted 2 to be Bundled with the 250GB PS3?

Still holding out on purchasing a PS3? Well, maybe Sony can convince you with another new bundle. While Sony has yet to confirm the legitimacy of this new bundle, Engadget has posted a photo of this supposed Uncharted 2 bundle for the PS3 slim.

While no price was listed, the picture indicates that the 250GB PS3 slim and a copy of Uncharted 2 will be packaged in the box. The photo of the box looks quite real, which makes the likelihood of this being a product of photoshop very unlikely.

With the Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony debuts this bundle just before the game’s October 13 release. If this bundle is in fact not bogus, Sony has once again proven to consumers that they can’t keep many secrets. Be sure to check back for more info in the coming weeks.