Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Demo Now Available to All!

The multiplayer demo has been available for quite sometime now for people who pre-ordered with GameStop and got the voucher with the download code on it. I’ve been playing the hell out of it since it started and let me tell you it’s a ton of fun. All that fun is totally to be expected since all the reviews as of late have been nothing but perfect scores left and right.

The download is just under 1.3GB and includes four different maps, four competitive modes, and two co-operative modes. Not only that but it includes the much talked about cinema mode that allows you to watch any matches you’ve played or make movies with it and all of its tools that are included with it. It even has green screen! That is quite a bit of demo and is more than enough content to hold you all over till the release on October 13th. Be prepared to fight off people in line to purchase the game, a huge horde of over 9,000 people all drooling to get the latest offering from Naughty Dog.