UCube mobile technology center demo and interview

Have you ever wanted a huge trailer to roll up to your house or party packed with 50‘’ televisions (yes plural), surround sound for each, air conditioning, two refrigerators, leather seats, satellite television, two projection units, oh – and any combination of modern video game systems and any combination of video games for them.  No, this isn’t some sort of impossible fantasy, but the raw truth.  Welcome to the world of UCube Media.

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to experience one of these mobile technology units in person.   Not only did I breathe in the air conditioning, sit in leather, and play the video games – I got to live the experience.  Oh, and what an experience it was.  While we were able to interview the owners (see the video above), I was able to ask the questions about the details of the operation and simply – what they got. 

How it works is that once you book the cube (in two hour increments) you fill out a survey containing how many TVs, what game consoles, and what games you’ll want.   As far as consoles are concerned, they got them all: Xbox 360s, PlayStation 3s, Wiis, PC connectivity, Kinects, and PlayStation Moves.  Due to a partnership with GameStop, their game library is nearly infinite with access to whatever they need for the job.  Any time during a session they can swap out game consoles for other consoles, change the seating arrangement, and put in different games.  They will truly cater to whatever you want.       

The trailer is both roomy and comfortable.  I had no trouble standing and walking through it with room to spare.  Despite being in the way of people gaming, you can easily walk past someone inside.  Depending on how large the people are inside – on average 16 adults can sit comfortably inside or 28 kids.  The two fridges come empty but you are encouraged to fill them with whatever is age appropriate for you. That's right, BYOB works here too.

The trailer is basically a transformer when it comes to accommodating whatever needs you have.  The back of the trailer also folds down creating a ramp for wheelchair accessibility – so that’s covered.  The hardware can be removed at any time, the seating can be removed for more room or for Kinect / Move play, the sides of the layout can be swapped, the consoles can be hooked up to the two projectors, they can hook up TVs to the outside of the trailer, and even PowerPoint presentations with a PA system can be utilized if you need to get some business done before the gaming commences.  They even mentioned that they have plans to turn the trailer into a dance floor, for those that want to get their fist pump on.

UCube is a Florida based company that has been around since January of 2011.  They have plans to go international soon and have the intention to distribute these cubes so people can start their own businesses with them.  The combination of our video interview and this article does not due the cube justice though.  You can read more at their website HERE.  You got to check it out; I for one know, my mind was blown by it.