New Positions Available; Apply Now!

Have you ever wanted to break into the gaming industry? Now’s your chance! AMN is looking for a couple of specific positions which are listed below. Applicants should have good writing skills and must be good with deadlines. This position is completely voluntary. Unfortunately, we cannot pay staffers at this time. What we can give you, however, is a genuine experience in gaming journalism that will look good on future applications as well as occasional free swag and games and an opportunity to go to the E3 gaming expo. Read on if you’re still pumped!

Here are a few requirements first:

  • Applicants should know standard HTML. If you could have formatted the page you’re currently reading, you have enough knowledge.
  • Above-average spelling and grammar. Past experience helps.
  • We expect you to be online at least two hours a day. You must also use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM, free from and post on the forums regularly.
  • Any staffer 18 or older will also receive an E3 pass.
  • It is also helpful if you have each current gaming system.

    Still Interested in the job? Think you’re up to the challenge?


    Positions Available

    Sports Editor
    – A dedicated sports journalist who will handle sports game reviews, previews, specials, industry interviews, etc…
    – Position is open for all branches of the site. Applicants should have all or most of the current gen platforms.
    – Applicants should be avid sports fans with plenty of sports knowledge.
    – Applicants will receive free sports games for review/preview.

    – Do you have opinions on how the industry current operates?
    – Position is open to strong writers who are opinionated and can form interesting editorials about the industry.
    – Position is currently open for the Xbox Advanced channel only.
    – Applicant will be expected to write at least one article a month, preferably more.

    All applicants should expect to undergo at least 1-2 hours worth of training before hopping right in to the position.

    For questions or other inquiry, contact me via email at [email protected].


    To apply, email me at the above email address and subject heading and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Email Address
  • AIM Name (must have one)
  • Location
  • Past experience
  • Number of hours you are online daily
  • Systems you own
  • Anything you feel is important we should know – links to work you have previously done.

    Good luck to all the applicants!


    Shawn Sinclaire
    Senior Editoryeee