U.K. Xbox price drop ?

In an incredibly aggressive move that will really put the pressure on
Nintendo’s Gamecube, Microsoft look set to reduce the price of the
Xbox in the UK to £130 ($203.06 U.S) from Friday.Although Microsoft
have yet to officially confirm the price drop, rsources have indicated
that it will be possible to pick up an Xbox for the same price as a
Cube from the end of the week.

To coincide with this, Xbox bundles are also said to be dropping in price,
with the Sega pack (which includes Sega GT and Jet Set Radio Future)
weighing in at £150 while a new bundle featuring Halo and Metal Gear
Solid 2: Substance will be on sale for £170. That’s the same price as a
standalone PlayStation 2.

When Xbox was launched in the UK in March 2002, it initially retailed at
a whopping £300.

Does this mean thata price reduction is in the cards for U.S. Xboxers ?
So far, not a peep from retailers or Microsoft. FXB will be keeping a eye
on this story.

Source: www.http://gamesradar.msn.co.uk/news/default.asp?subsectionid=159