Star Trek: Tactical Assault

Warning: Only for Tactical Trekies!

For over a decade now fans of the Star Trek universe via console and home computer have been privy to a fun and fascinating way to live out the experience. At home you could literally be an armchair captain of your own ship either for the Federation of varying enemy races. Not until now has there been a chance to take such fun on the road, short of owning a laptop of course. From the crew at Bethesda Softworks comes Star Trek: Tactical Assault for the Nintendo DS. The game will put you into two competing campaigns as a captain for the Federation or the Klingon Empire. Between the competing sides there are over 30 missions to explore all around the time frame of the original Trek movies. Beyond the campaigns comes the choice of a free for all skirmish mode where you can try out ships from other species as well such as the Romulan, Gorn, and Orion.

Through the creative use of the system controls and the touchpad you will be able to freely handle whatever situation arises. Unlike in the past where you could be cannon fodder while toggling menus to re-route power or choose a weapon, here using the touchpad you can move about and tap out your selections with greater freedom. All the ships controls will be routed to the touch panel so you can choose to go down there and re-route shields, select weapons, use the computer and more while freely moving about which is a welcome addition in my mind. The game is promotion based so that while you can keep moving through the plot, if you do things the proper way (as so far as proper is for the Federation or Klingons) you can gain promotion points which will allow you to promote officers which in turn makes your ship better. If you level up your helmsman you can move better, give a promotion to your engineer and watch the repairs get handled smoother, and so on. While in either campaign you won’t always keep the same ship on each mission, the promoted abilities will transfer right along with your crew.

Trekies are happy.

Star Trek: Tactical Assault is scheduled to leave its dock in the starbase in a matter of just a few days now. From the look of what is known of the title so far it has some great potential to shape up into a great game where you can tackle the missions, or just dive in for a quickie and blow up various species for fun.

— Jeff Kennedy