Top Five: Video Games to Watch on YouTube

It’s always an endearing temptation to watch a video game in its entirety on YouTube, complete with the witty remarks of a commentator as the story unfolds. This list will only include the single player aspect of a game, and not the countless multiplayer footage and montages that infect YouTube on a daily basis. These games are the prime examples of single player video games that many people will watch instead of purchasing.

5. Back to the Future: The Game
When Back to the Future was announced by Tell Tale Games, many gamers were hesitant but curious of how they were going to continue the story. Even with the first episode becoming free recently, many would rather watch someone else play with the comical remarks of a commentator. With this adventure game focusing on the story aspect of an old movie that was very popular, it is as much of a delight to watch as it is to play.

4. Minecraft
Minecraft isn’t story-based. However, it provides thrilling and hilarious videos of gamers playing for the first time. It becomes a survival story of the unknown, creating a unique adventure that is different from the next. After a while, you may find yourself checking every day for more of these Minecraft videos of peoples adventures that are solely their own. If creations are more your thing, there are endless amounts of videos that show what creativity and hard work can accomplish in this game.

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Amnesia: the Dark Descent is one of the most scary and eerie video games to hit the market recently. It is a delight for gamers of all ages to watch another person on YouTube play through the haunted setting. While they scream at every creak and sound that comes their way, you can sit back and laugh. What’s more entertaining than a grown man screaming like a little girl? Nothing.

2. Japanese Exclusives
With Japanese exclusives, you never know whether or not the cult following is just blind to the noticeable flaws that may irritate some players. These games also have high prices and shipping costs for a video game that you can’t understand. These games are a golden opportunity, if you can understand and read the language that is being presented to you. However, the most realistic and cheapest option for experiencing Japanese exclusives is to watch the game on YouTube with a commentator—preferably one who knows the language.

Yes, I know. Catherine hasn’t even released yet. However, I just can’t see many gamers playing this stylistic game in the family room of their home, or asking their parents to buy Catherine as a gift. Besides that point, Catherine is a very story-driven video game with light gameplay elements and multiple strip teases. Since Catherine is very comparable to watching anime, the majority of gamers will find this game entertaining enough to watch on YouTube for free, rather than spending the full 60 dollars.