Top Five: Stupidest Excuses not to buy a Portable System

In the eyes of hard core gamers, a portable system is just a waste of money and time. However, in my years of being a fan of portable gaming, I have brought it upon myself to ask other gamers why they have no interest in any portable systems. Their answers always seem to surprise me, as some of them even contradict their own previous statements. The following are the top five stupidest excuses ranging from somewhat reasonable to just idiotic.

5. “I don’t play games on the go.”
This seems to be the most popular answer amongst other gamers and they’re right for the most part. Many Gamers seem to have no need for a portable system, unless they live in San Francisco or New York where public transit is ideal for portable gaming. However, most gamers play a portable system inside or in front of the television and not on the go. Many of the games have long and enticing tales that cannot be played on the go, unless you’re on a long road trip.

4. “It doesn’t have a Blu Ray or DVD player”
While this statement is true, the next generation of portable systems has this wonderful little program called Netflix that can be installed on the go. While it may not have HD graphics like Blu Ray, it streams TV shows and movies straight to your device. However, if a portable system was made to use Blu ray discs. The next excuse people would use is that it’s not small enough to fit in your pocket and the discs are too big for a portable system.

3. “All I need is my Call of Duty”
With the PS Vita having close graphical capabilities to current generation graphics. You would think that fans of Call of Duty would be excited about the possibilities of playing the series all day and every day. But instead, they complain about their experience points not being transferred to their main account on their home consoles and therefore not seeing any point in the purchase.

2. “The graphic capabilities are too close to home consoles”
After the reveal of the 3DS and PS Vita, you would think that their graphical capabilities would silence the gamers that said portable graphics suck. But, the graphical capabilities proved that they were just looking for an excuse. They now say that the portable systems are not appealing because the graphics are too similar and therefore what’s the point in buying a system when you have the same thing at home. Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s the same damn reason why anyone buys a system and that is for the video games that are available exclusively for the system.

1. “I’m not 8 years old anymore and don’t play kiddie games like Pokemon”
Every single video game system, whether it be portable or home console has kiddie games to broaden the appeal for costumers of all ages. Pokemon is extremely popular with all ages and for some reason it has gotten the bad rap of being kiddie. Even though, the DS has many video games that are only appealing to children, it still has the wide variety of other video games that are appealing to older gamers. Plus, think of Pokemon without the cutesy art direction, it’s a bunch of ten years olds making animals fight each other to the death for money.