Top Five Games to Play with Your Special Lady

For a lot of guys, playing video games with their significant other is something truly special. Going out is fun, hitting up a party is enjoyable, and grabbing some food at a nice restaurant is cool. However, many of us, especially those of us who take video games seriously as an entertainment form, are into kicking back in front of the TV and enjoying a good game with that very special lady from time to time. Now, if your girl is a gamer like yourself, then playing some video games together is probably business as usual. For guys like me, who constantly date women who aren’t really into video games, it can be a bit tougher to get the girl to play. Regardless of what camp you’re in, here is a list of five of the best games to play with the special woman in your life.

5. Mario Kart

If there’s one series that is completely adored by both guys and gals, it’s Mario Kart. The intuitive design and addictive nature of that game make it easily accessible yet completely rewarding. It would be hard to point out one particular entry in the franchise for the sake of this list, so all I’ll suggest is that you get together with your soul mate and fire up a copy of Mario Kart. It can be Mario Kart Wii (which is the weakest installment, in my opinion), Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (perfect for playing with or against her), or Mario Kart 64 (a fan favorite). Super Mario Kart is a bit tougher to recommend given its incredibly challenging gameplay, but if you’re dating or are married to a girl who’s up for it, by all means give it a run. If you want to play video games with your girlfriend or wife, the Mario Kart series is easy to recommend.

4. Beautiful Katamari/Katamari Forever

If you want a nonsensically quirky good time, look no further than Katamari. While every main entry in the series has been a joy to play, I decided to stick with the two latest releases. Your decision relies mainly on whether you prefer gaming on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but Beautiful Katamari and Katamari Forever are definitely two great games to just let loose with. Get together with the awesome girl in your life, fire up some Katamari, and prepare for a big dose of free-flowing fun. Rolling a Katamari around and accruing a bunch of crap to form a big ball is simple, engaging, and a total blast. Toss in the girl of your dreams and you’ve got one hell of a video game experience.

3. Donkey Kong Country Returns

When I was first compiling this list, I figured I would include New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that Donkey Kong Country Returns deserved a spot on here over Mario’s side-scrolling adventure on the Wii. Overall, Donkey Kong Country Returns is one of the most satisfying 2D platformers around. Its rewarding degree of challenge and excellent level design make it a worthwhile game for any Wii owner. I’ve played both on my own and in co-op mode, and I can easily attest to the fact that this game is fun either way. If you feel like having some good, clean fun, all the while taking on a noteworthy challenge, ask your lady friend if she’s down to play some Donkey Kong Country Returns.

2. Resident Evil 5

I enjoyed the co-op functionality in Resident Evil 5, even though I did feel that it took away from the overall survival horror aspect of the series. That said, I had a great time playing this game alongside a friend. After looking back on my experience, this seems like a great title to pick up and play with a girl. Now, while most gamers–male or female–could easily get into Resident Evil 5, a girl who’s not much of a gamer may need a little coaching. Hey, that’s fine! Just think of it as one of those cheesy moments in a flick or TV show from the ’90s where the guy is showing the girl how to play pool. Just… uhh… not as pervy. Anyway, Resident Evil 5 offers satisfying third-person shooter gameplay, and if you can get your special female friend to play with you, you’re bound to have a good time. If you’re one of the lucky ones and snagged a girl gamer, well, you probably already know how awesome it is to have your girlfriend or wife watching your back.

1. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Did you know that people who don’t like Kirby’s Epic Yarn are evil? It’s true. When thinking about the perfect game to play with your significant other, no other title’s inclusion induced more enthusiasm within me than Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The sheer epitome of friendly cooperation, this magnificent side-scrolling platformer bleeds pure, unadulterated charm. From the moment you begin playing this game, to the moment you finish it, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a big ball of uncontrolled joy, squishy goodness, and cheery style. I’m not saying you should play this game with your girl because of its ease and colorful graphics. I’m suggesting you play it with her because you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside the entire time, and that makes Kirby’s Epic Yarn the perfect game to play with your lady.

Bonding is the biggest part of any relationship. If you’re dating a gamer girl, then you can attest to how much fun it can be playing games with and against her. Conversely, if your spouse isn’t much of a video game player, you probably do enjoy getting together with her and having at least small play sessions every once in a while. Regardless of what type of relationship you’re in, you can always find a great amount of entertainment if you play Mario Kart, Katamari, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Resident Evil 5, and especially Kirby’s Epic Yarn with your special one.