Top 5 Minor Characters who Deserve their Own Game

A great main character in a video game is what makes the juice worth the squeeze. They are heroes that go through hell and back again to save worlds, damsels in distress, or just because they believe in a little thing called justice. They make our lives worthwhile; we, as gamers, obsess over the next big game in a franchise featuring one of these mainstream characters.

Whether it be Mario, Marcus Fenix, Nathan Drake, or Master Chief, gamers everywhere love to be brought back into the world of their favorite main characters. On the other hand, there are so many other unique and creative characters from popular franchises that get forgotten. While we are always happy to take control of the “elite” characters, many of us hate that the minor characters do not get more screen time and would love the chance to take control of them in their own title. That’s right, it’s time to give some of the minor characters in video games a little love and tell which of those characters we’d like to see battling it out on their own.

5. Nihlus Kryik – Mass Effect

Don’t get us wrong, Shepard. We love everything about your gun-slinging abilities, your motivational speeches, and the polar opposite decisions you make. Nevertheless, there is one character who deserves a little bit more of his story explained, and that is Nihlus Kryik. Even though Nihlus plays a relatively small role in Mass Effect and an even smaller role in Mass Effect 2, his story is not without intrigue and fascination. As Mass Effect junkies already know, Nihlus is essentially supposed to become Shepard’s mentor on how to become a Spectre.

Unfortunately, Nihlus decides to scout ahead in his and Shepard’s first mission together. He runs into his mentor, Saren, who undeniably betrays his own student in the most ultimate way. Even though that is much of Nihlus’ story in Mass Effect, so much more could be done with his character. Since Saren has taught him how to be the warrior and soldier that he has become, this could be a really cool Spectre-discovery story that we’d love to see in a Mass Effect spin off title.

4. Jecht – Final Fantasy X

Love or hate Final Fantasy, you can’t deny that the amount of minor characters in these games is utterly ridiculous. Jecht, as you know, is Tidus’ famous Blitzball-playing, alcohol-drinking father who leaves Tidus and his mother when Tidus is a very young boy.

Throughout the title, you start to figure out that Jecht actually left to be a guardian for High Summoner Braska years ago. At the end of his journey, Jecht becomes the final aeon to become Sin, thus giving the back-story to Tidus’ main plot line. Just imagine, everything that Tidus went through in his journey as a guardian for Yuna seems to justify how amazing it would be to tell Jecht’s story in an entirely different title with him as the main character. All the trials and tribulations he had to go through to eventually become Sin sounds like a better spin off title to Final Fantasy X than Final Fantasy X-2 will ever be.

3. Toad – Mario

Although Toad has been present in almost every Mario title to date, he has only been playable in three games: Super Mario Bros. 2, Wario’s Woods, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. However, we have not been able to see him in his full glory as a main character.

Mario has always had the spotlight, even over Luigi. However, in recent years, even Luigi has become a main character in his own game and future sequel in Luigi’s Mansion. Now is the time to turn our annoying and whiny little toad into a wholesome leader in the Mario universe. Just think, with Toad always by Princess Peach’s side, he has to come into contact with a smorgasbord of Bowser’s evil plans and tricks. This could provide a Toad protects Princess Peach-type story. There you go Nintendo, give Toad what he deserves—his own title.

2. Sergeant Major Johnson – Halo Series

We all know and love Sergeant Major Johnson. No character in the Halo series has been more outspoken and more roughneck than he. Our trash-talking, speech-inspiring Sergeant got us ready to go to battle against the Flood, Covenant, and more. Losing him is still tragic, even to the most disloyal Halo fans.

Johnson was quite the leader and soldier. He was part of many battles including Reach, Earth Harvest, Installation 04, Installation 05, etc. Would you like me to continue? Or would you rather continue controlling your favorite Sergeant in a new game set in a part of the Halo world that hasn’t been seen yet?

1. Any Star Fox character – Star Fox

In every Star Fox title, your main character is Fox McCloud. He is teamed up with a classic group of characters, such as Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and the most recent character, Krystal. Throughout the games, especially Star Fox 64, characters will need your aid and have their own things to fight for.

Of course, Slippy Toad may be the favorite for this because of his obvious addiction to getting himself into danger every two seconds. Having his own title may explain and give us insight into why he is so awful sometimes. Although, any Star Fox character could hold their own game.