Top 10 Franchises That Need a Reboot

Reboots are becoming a common theme among several video game franchises. We’ve seen Mortal Kombat get a stellar revival. Twisted Metal is being reworked to offer fans yet another dose of car combat mayhem. Tomb Raider looks to put adventurer Lara Croft back on the map. There are several other series that could use a reboot, and in some cases, just a straight up revival. Here are the top 10 franchises that we want to see reinvented.

10. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong has been a pioneer brand for Nintendo for a very long time. We’ve seen the tie-wearing ape play villain and we’ve seen him act the part of the hero. But since the days of the Nintendo 64, we haven’t seen Donkey Kong exploring the 3D platformer genre. Now, we love a good 2D side-scroller, and Donkey Kong Country Returns was one hell of a platformer, but isn’t it time for Nintendo’s resident simian to get reinvented? We would love to see what the team behind Super Mario Galaxy could do with the Donkey Kong series. It doesn’t need to be an intergalactic quest for bananas or anything like that, but a solid 3D platformer starring Donkey Kong would definitely be cool, and it’s long overdue.

9. Turok

We know the Turok brand already received a reboot in 2008, but that game was hardly a proper take on the dinosaur-blasting action we all enjoyed back on the Nintendo 64. Hell, Turok: Evolution wasn’t even a proper entry in the series, and it was actually a pretty fun prequel! What we want to see is a proper revival. We want to see ambition and passion crammed into a Turok game. We want to see what can happen if the series is taken as seriously as it was back when it launched in 1997, and when it was propelled to even greater heights with the release of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil in 1998. Turok needs one more chance–a fitting revival full of dinosaurs, blood, carnage, multiplayer modes, and the ever-awesome cerebral bore.

8. Conker

Remember when the Nintendo 64 was going to get a cutesy 3D platformer titled Twelve Tales: Conker 64? Well, we kind of want to play that game. Now, we all loved the M-rated Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and we loved it because it was hilarious and offered an amazing blend of platforming gameplay, fluid control, and enjoyable multiplayer options. That said, we’ve always been curious about the original blueprint for what ultimately became one of the best cult classics ever developed. Microsoft, you’re not doing anything with the franchise anyway. Why not give us a re-imagining of the Conker series?

7. Streets of Rage

Though we kind of already got a reboot of Sega’s iconic beat ’em up series with the fan-made Streets of Rage Remake, that game was quickly pulled from the internet, and we were left completely devoid of an awesome brawler. Sega, we understand the way copyrighting works, so we’re not angry that you had these fine gamers take their game off the web. No, we’re angry that you haven’t made a proper Streets of Rage remake yourself! No time like the present, Sega. Make it happen for fans of one of the most memorable beat ’em ups ever created.

6. Star Fox

Star Fox Adventures marked the reinvention of Nintendo’s popular intergalactic shooter when it launched on the GameCube. The game was, for all intents and purposes, an excellent action-adventure title that properly emulated the Zelda series, all the while exuding its own themes and vibe. Unfortunately, some gamers were upset that a proper sequel wasn’t made, and to this day, plenty of individuals hope for a home console sequel to Star Fox 64. With the proper plot, we think Nintendo could make it work. In all honesty, we’d like to see a prequel where you play as James McCloud (Fox’s father) and the original Star Fox team.

5. Resident Evil

It seems like Resident Evil is getting less scary with every iteration. Now, Resident Evil 4 was still pretty suspenseful, and the ambiance was amazing, but Resident Evil 5 wasn’t creepy at all. We think it’s time for Capcom’s survival horror series to go back to its roots and offer some creepy environments and thrilling gameplay. Give us cramped corridors and hordes of zombies. Give us terrifying beasts and multiple paths. Give us the Nemesis! We’d be lying if we said Resident Evil wasn’t awesome, because it really is. From a gameplay standpoint, it’s still incredible and completely enthralling, but as a survival horror series, it needs some serious sprucing up.

4. Pokemon

Pokemon RPGs will always sell. The series may not evolve all that much with each subsequent entry, but there will always be a fan base that absolutely adores the franchise. Even GameZone’s resident Poke-fanatics can attest to the fact that they love the series, despite its lack of change over the years. That said, a little change never hurt anyone, and we really think that some gameplay overhauls, a graphical makeover, and a deeper story element would help the Pokemon series. Of course, even if that doesn’t happen, we’ll still play the next one.

3. Tetris

If ever there was a series in need of a reboot, Tetris would be it. For years, the popular puzzler has managed to win over casual gamers, hardcore gamers, and even non-gamers thanks to its simple gameplay and addictive design. Unfortunately, some individuals feel that the series has worn quite thin, and they just don’t care about it. We would love to see what the folks over at Namco Bandai could do if they got their hands on the brand. Tetris Championship Edition DX? Yes, please!

2. Battletoads

Battletoads isn’t just in need of a reboot–it’s in need of a freaking comeback! Once again, Microsoft has allowed one of many awesome Rare franchises to slip by unnoticed. We can already picture a beautiful 2.5D version of Battletoads, rife with big bosses, awesome levels, online co-op, and, oh yes, achievements! Gamers have been hoping for a new Battletoads game for quite some time now. We strongly believe that it’s time we got to play a new Battletoads game. It would be nostalgic, it would be challenging, it would be fun, and it would be badass.

1. Final Fantasy

Easily one of the most well-known series in all of gaming, Final Fantasy has managed to carve an impressive legacy and garner a massive fan base over the years. Lately, however, something hasn’t been right. The past few entries in the Final Fantasy series have left gamers largely disappointed, and there seems to be some magic missing. Perhaps Square Enix needs to go back to basics, or maybe the developer needs to look back at its biggest successes and build upon them. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time for Final Fantasy to be rebooted. A prequel, a re-imagining, or just a completely different spin on the series could all pique the interest of longtime fans who are burnt out with the games. One thing that’s certain, though, is that it’s time for Square Enix to do something big with Final Fantasy, and a reboot could be the way to go.

Reboots are often intended to revive a series that desperately needs some new life breathed into it. We’ve played plenty of reboots–some good, some bad–and there are certainly a number of notable franchises that could use an overhaul. We believe that the 10 series listed here are some of the strongest contenders for the reboot treatment.

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