Top five games we wish we saw at E3

The Last Guardian

Sony occasionally discusses The Last Guardian, saying the game is still in development and that it will launch on the PlayStation 3. With a checkered development cycle, no one really knows what to think. Will the next epic from Team Ico ever come to fruition? Personally, I think it will. It's still pretty disappointing that we haven't had the chance to get a close look at The Last Guardian, what with its constant E3 absence.

This game would have easily been a massively pleasant surprise at E3. Hell, it would have been a shocker, but a pleasant one nonetheless. It also would have shut the mouths of all of the doubters who think Team Ico won't pull it off and deliver the game. We didn't get to see The Last Guardian, and that has led games writers like me to express their sorrow over that fact. The Last Guardian … where are you?!


What is Agent? Does anyone really know? Not really. We know it's a PlayStation 3 exclusive by Rockstar Games, and we know that it's a stealth-action title. We also know that the G in Agent has a gun in it for stylistic purposes. But, umm, that's about it. Agent was first announced in 2007, and we really haven't heard much about it since. Rockstar Games isn't known for showing up to E3, but Sony could have just as easily revealed something, anything, on the game during its press conference.

And yes, I'm well aware that you all want to know more about Grand Theft Auto V, but the fact that we've seen more of that game in a minute than we have of Agent in five years is pretty ridiculous. Sony could have added one more exclusive to its strong lineup at E3, but alas it didn't happen. Talk about surprises, Agent would have been a great one, and you just know the audience would have been stoked. It is Rockstar, after all.

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This year's E3 was a massive spectacle rife with incredible titles both mainstream and indie. Attending press conferences, walking down long halls alongside hundreds of people, and getting to play some great games long before they hit store shelves or digital download platforms was a memorable experience that won't soon be forgotten. It was tiring, sure, but it was also remarkable, and once it was over, I'm certain I wasn't the only one leaving the LA Convention Center with a bittersweet feeling. As awesome as the games we all played were, there were a few that didn't make it to the show, and it's a shame, too, because these are all games plenty of us wish we could have seen and played for ourselves. Here are five of the games we missed.

BioShock Infinite

We all knew BioShock Infinite wasn't going to be showcased at E3, and that was a total bummer going into the show. The game has been hyped up by 2K and Irrational, and it is easily at the top of many gamers' most wanted lists. Borderlands 2 took the spotlight at 2K's booth, but if BioShock Infinite had been shown off at E3, there's a huge chance that spotlight would have been divided in two. It really is a shame this title didn't make it to E3, because it could have been one of the most talked about games at the massive trade show.

BioShock Infinite will probably launch before E3 2013, so the chances of us getting to see it on the grand stage next year are slim. Oh well, I suppose all that really matters is the fact that we'll eventually get to play it. But still … E3, man!

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft had the best press conference at this year's E3, and its lineup on the show floor was stellar. With titles like Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed III, Rayman Legends, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, there's no denying the company came prepared with its proverbial guns loaded. But how awesome would it have been if the awesome and sexy Aisha Tyler would have presented Beyond Good & Evil 2 as the big surprise of the show? Think about it: hot girl showing off hot game. It makes perfect sense! Sadly, that didn't happen.

Ubisoft's Michel Ancel has stated recently that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will likely be on next-gen hardware, and if the game itself looks anything like the impressive footage we've seen thus far, that would make total sense. Still, you can't help but feel a little down that we're still not getting any new Beyond Good & Evil 2 news. Maybe next year?

Killer Is Dead

Obviously, 2012 is the year of Lollipop Chainsaw for Grasshopper Manufacture, but it would have been really cool to get at least a glimpse at Killer Is Dead, the next game to come from the awesome mind of Suda51. We really don't know anything about this game, but judging from the concept art, it will probably be yet another insane masterpiece. The cool thing about Suda games is that we can always expect some crazy surprises, over-the-top antics, and flashy style.

Killer Is Dead looks to be a dark game about assassins set in Japan, and that's as good as any setting for a joyously outrageous game from Grasshopper. I mean, just look at that giant fat man stomping all over those buildings. That's got Suda written all over it, and really, we wouldn't have it any other way as far as Grasshopper games are concerned. Bring on the outlandish craziness! Killer Is Dead, we hope to see you next year.