Top 10 most impressive (and lucky) Black Ops Tomahawk kills of all time


At first sight, this looks like your average tomahawk kill. However, upon viewing the reply, the tomahawk actually ricochets off the wall and falls in such an angle that it hits a destroyed car and then onto the player’s head.


Chucking a tomahawk while securing a flag, a Call of Duty: Black Ops player sees his shot travelling through the air, through a small hole where it hits the side and consequently changing its direction, to which it then hits a building and then onto a player.

There you have it, the top 10 most impressive tomahawk kills in Black Ops. Have any impressive Tomahawk kill stories? Share yours below.


This tomahawk kill is fairly unique. Why? This Call of Duty player only manages to, without even meaning to do so, direct a throw after a 360 degree spin onto a chopper, subsequently blowing it up.


Launching his tomahawk into the air, the weapon goes through a slew of smoke, descends down to hit a bus, and then hits a billboard, to which it finally hits the ground and then the player.


It’s not often you see triple kills achieved by a single tomahawk shot, but this Call of Duty player achieved exactly that with an extremely accurate throw.


Killing his enemies one by one with a sniper, a Call of Duty: Black Ops player throws a tomahawk that achieves a distant kill via a “double bankshot spawn” shot.


This Call of Duty player randomly throws a tomahawk into the air hoping for the best. And indeed it paid off: the tomahawk bounces off a massive pipe and kills a player by hitting his leg.


A Call of Duty: Black Ops player launches his tomahawk across the map in hope of randomly hitting a player and, to his surprise, it successfully finds its way to an opposing player.

Ever since the Call of Duty titles introduced tomahawk, players have been racking up extremely impressive (mostly lucky) kills. You can mostly fling your tomahawk into the air and just hope for the best, which incidentally is how most of the impressive kills are achieved. Still, there’s no denying they’re remarkable kills. 

GameZone takes a look at the top 10 Tomahawk kills of all time.


During a round of multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops, this player launches a tomahawk before he enters a building. When he does enter, he finds that his tomahawk has traveled a considerable distance, which ultimately kills an opposing player.


It’s not often you see a double tomahawk kill, let alone impressive ones. A group of opposing players are running towards their targets, but one of the targets launches two successive tomahawks into the air, finding its way to two incoming players.