Too Human “Just Days Away” from Being Finished, For Real!

In the time since Too Human’s inception, two console cycles have passed, the Halo trilogy began and ended, and I grew, like, 3 inches. Truth be told, I fully expected a Too Human trailer that would reveal Duke Nukem as a playable character. But Too Human is nearly done! It’s actually coming!

On his IGN blog, Silicon Knights’ outspoken president, played herald for the good news.

There are only two known rare crash bugs still left in the game. I personally have not seen the game crash in the last four to five weeks, and have been playing through it constantly. Once we fix these rare bugs, we will start to prepare “Release Candidate” for RTX (gold master disc) approval – this is likely just days away.

He went on to say that the press will receive evaluation copies well in advance of the game’s release date. It seems Dyack and co. have quite the polished experience on their hands, and they’re confident gamers will be able to see themselves in the gleaming reflection.

Also, for all you Achievement whores out there, Dyack noted that he expects players to rack up 600 Achievement points on their first play-through of Too Human. Not quite on the level of, say, Ninja Turtles, but enough to warrant some time in front of your television screen with a game that’s actually decent.

All told, I’m definitely looking forward to playing Too Human when it hits this holiday season. In the meantime, check out our recent impressions of the game, and look forward to more from E3 – possibly with a complete version of the game.