Tony Hawk Isn’t Done Yet

Everyone remember standardized tests in high school? Finish this analogy: kryptonite :: Superman as Tony Hawk: Ride :: __________. If you answered with the Tony Hawk franchise you are apparently wrong. Hawk recently revealed via Twitter that he’s already met with Robomodo about their next collaborative project. This just proves the adage that it doesn’t matter how bad a product is as long as it sells.

Tony Hawk: Ride, which was flayed by the gaming press, aimed at taking the skateboarding genre forward with its innovative skateboard peripheral. While the NPD reported that the $120 game/peripheral sold 114,000 copies in the U.S. in a little more than two weeks, consumers quickly found the game’s price dropping to around $70 shortly after.

Speaking on the next collaboration, Hawk said that the prospects are, “already much better than I expected.”