Tomodachi Life Day One Preview: Zany with a side of awesome

Oooooook. So, I’ve been anticipating Tomodachi Life ever since I saw that Nintendo Direct about it. Back then, I had NO idea what the game was about or what the point was. For that reason, I HAD to have it so I could experience all the randomness. Now that I’ve played it for a day, the feeling hasn’t changed at all. I’m a few hours into the game, and it’s made me laugh out loud several times already. Between the songs, dance numbers, relationships, and photo shoots, it’s hard to keep up with your island.

1) From the very start, Eva Green has had powerful feelings for me (I can’t really blame her). Now she spends the majority of her time over my apartment, where we mostly sit and chat or pretend we’re airplanes and soar around the room.

2) Gendo Ikari told me right away that he was the smartest man he knows, and that he would stay up all night. That’s starting early. Now I haunt his dreams anytime he does sleep. I think he's plotting something with Samuel L. Jackson.

Gendo fear

3) Larry Bird has easily been my favorite Mii so far. While other characters wanted food at their introduction, he wanted to know what my greatest fear was. After telling the former Celtics star my answer, he told me to drink more OJ and walked away. After informing me that he has a thing for Emma Stone, he gave me a bath set.

4) My editor-in-chief Mike Splechta has been stalking Samus Aran. He sent a letter to her apartment, told her to meet him on the roof, wore a fake mustache, and told her that he knows her secret. She is quite confused, but is glad she went.

5) Asuka Langley Soryu has become really close friends with Mikasa Ackerman. That is a powerful duo, and I’m looking forward to see where their friendship takes them. When Mikasa demanded a ninja outfit, who was I say no?

6) My town of Malsheem has an up-and-coming musical theater group named “Garden of Daisy,” which consists of Princess Daisy, myself, Emma Stone, Karen Gillan, and Asuka. Their one song hit is "Praise the Sun," which is about daydreaming about the sun and praising it with all your soul. They really sing to heart.

Praise It!

So yeah, lots going on in a very little amount of time. The game is absolutely addicting and worth all the hype. After the weekend, my stories will only continue. What will the fate of Malsheem Island be? This is my Tomodachi Life – so far.