Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Walkthrough

GameZone presents the comprehensive guide on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Included are all mission walkthroughs. All challenges are also mentioned with tips.



Prelude to the Game



A Ghost team (consisting of Pepper, 30k, Chuck, and an unnamed Ghost Leader) was trying to secure a RSM-56 Bulava nuclear warhead. While trying to disarm the warhead, Chuck was shot in the head. Eventually the remaining Ghosts managed to fight off the attacking force, but the warhead was airlifted by a helicopter belonging to an unknown faction.



Before you start the actual game, you are in control of a team and after the countdown ends, hit the left click to shoot. Move in and in a short while, the thermal goggles are switched on, it's wise to hold onto your rifle as enemies are going to come up really close ahead of you. Whenever you see one, just shoot to kill. Keep going but stay close to the guy ahead of you. Wait at the marked spot and see what happens.

Nimble Guardian



You are to get in and extract an arms dealer in Bolivia called Paez.
They can be lobbed ahead of you and they detect enemies and mark them on your screen. You will see enemies no matter where they are as orange bodies. If they are wholly in orange, it means they are hiding behind something and if a part of them is not in orange then that part is out of cover and can be shot. To lob a sensor, just hit F to blind throw it or hold F to aim the throw – Note that the effects of the sensor only last a little while but you can throw multiple sensors.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Field of Fire
Kill five or more enemies with a single burst from – LMG Mk48, Stoner 96, LSAT, PKP, Type 95, Ultimax Mk5, M60, RPK.
Express Train: During the ambush at cog rail station, kill all soldiers in 60 second.
No Witnesses: Don't leave ay witnesses alive in Paez's HQ
Ace of Diamonds: Execute 10 headshots while in diamond formation ]]]

Move ahead and take cover behind the line of crates. Hit F to throw a sensor in the middle of the enemies. Now, all the marked ones are the enemies. Shoot the one infront of you and take out the rest then move ahead. Get to the next location behind your team and throw a sensor.

After the target is identified, get ready to take out the hostiles. The ones on the roof ahead can be dangerous since they are on higher ground so take them out whenever you see someone on the roof (your team keeps shouting out the locations and status of the enemies so keep your ears open). After this area is clear, the escort comes in but fades off since the LZ gets heated up again.

Run ahead to where Paez is below and take out the ones on the left roof first then the others. After them, a jeep comes below with a 50cal mounted, take out the gunner. Move to the right and climb the steps. You will be asked to throw a sensor inside, hold F to aim and throw thru the open gap to the top left and you will see four enemies inside. Move to where you squad is and stand near point. Breach the door and take out the three guys to your right and move up.

Take cover when you see the enemy and throw a frag up above infornt of you.


Move to the next cover spot which is shown and throw another frag to clear out the area. Move ahead now and you will see another mounted 50. First, you need to run ahead and to do this, hold shift when you see the blue marker which is on the next spot you can run. Just hold shift to run to the next palce until you are just infront of the guy shooting the mounted and take him out. Then keep repeating this run and shoot but make sure the area is totally clear ahead before you run – take your time in running and do not rush yourself since there are more enemies that you think.

After you clear the next two areas, you will need to move for a while without any enemies. After you get to the next location, run behind the car where your teammates are and take out the RPG on the roof ahead –


Take out the rest of them and move ahead. You will be close to the hideout and your lead asks you to switch to suppressed weapons. There's a crate to the right here, take the one inside and move ahead.

Objective: Rescue Paez

Ghost Mode: Kill without alarming the enemies or Paez will be killed

Move to the right, when you see the marker on the ground you can run to, move the screen around to change the position of the marker to get the marker to your desired position. Move to the right behind the wall and stealth kill (E) the enemy here. Move up the stairs and wait beside the wall where the gap is, let your team mates go ahead and go with them and take cover near the next door. There's a guy making rounds outside. Make sure you hit his head with your shots and move ahead, run with your team to the next location and you will reach the place with Paez. Hit E to breach the place and shoot everyone inside.

Objective: Escort Gabriel Paez to the extraction

Note: Diamond Formation

You will be holding Paez in one hand and shooting with the other. You will have a restricted field of view so shoot the enemies who are directly ahead of you and let your teammates take care of the rest. You need to kill all the enemies quickly also. The team will just keep moving ahead and you will not even need to use the direction buttons to move around – just shoot and shoot and the mission ends. Also, if you manage to make 10 headshots during this part of the mission (you are in diamond formation) you will complete the Ace of Diamonds challenge.

Subtle Arrow

Find Warlord Dede Macaba, his shipment and the source of the shipment
Camo is activated and player goes into invisible mode as soon as he crouches. Camo is deactivated when you fire a weapon, move too fast or are under attack.
This allows you to detect metallc objects like weapons and mines around you. Hit V to activate and de-activate it.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Overwatch: Kill 10 enemies using a sniper without moving – M110, SRR, MSR, PSL-54C, VSS, KSVK
Protector: Complete the mission without causing any civilian casualities
Secure the Camp: Eliminate all of the soldiers who have taken control of the refugee camp
Steely Gaze: Kill 10 enemies while in Magnetic View ]]]

Move close to the enemy and take him out in stealth and move along with your team. Stay close to Ghost Lead while moving and you will eventually reach an outpost filled with enemies. Move to the left side and take cover behind a car or rock and start shooting. If you manage to kill a total of ten guys with your magnetics activated then you complete a challenge. After this area is clear, move ahead with your team and go prone and move when you are asked to. You will come across two more enemies one at a time. You can get close and knife them. Then you come to more enemies. Take cover and start killing all of them. You can now run to the next location.

To sync shots, mark all the targets ahead with Q and then fire. Move close to the truck. After you get out, move along with your team, you will come across three groups of enemies. Whenevery you see two or three, mark them and hold Q to make your teammates shoot. If there's a single guy, you can take a shot or stealth kill him. Just keep following you team andif you cannot find where the enemy is, use a sensor. After a little while, you will have spotted Dede Macaba.

Objective: Follow and Assess Dede Macaba

Move close to Macaba, kill anyone who gets too close to you by stealth attacking them. Only kill the ones who are close to you and you should get thru this place with killing a max of three guys and minimum of none. Move to the left when he is walking down the path with the tents. In the end you will be given an order to eliminate him. There are four guys here, one on the roof ahead and three more including Macaba infront of you. Use Sync Shooting and get them.

Objective: Secure Arms shipment at the airstrip

Move ahead, sync shoot the four guys here and keep going. Your teammates will tell you another guy is ahead but actually there are two guys here and you need to take out the both of them with sych shooting if you do not want to alarm them and blow up the challenge. Keep going and you will get to the aerodrome.

Objective: Recover the Black Box

This is a very very tricky area. Move ahead and you should see three guys – one beside a truck to the right and two walking ahead. Sync Shoot them and move ahead to the aerodrome. You will see three more, two are standing beside the right aerodrome and one is inside the left aerodrome. Mark them and kill them. Another one is just walking on the catwalk connecting the two dromes. Do not move ahead yet or the plane will start flight. There are three enemies ahead near the plane and to it's right, before you appreach and take them out – know that you will need to shoot at the right engine of the plane below the wing to destroy it and also, be behind cover in the left hangar since there are machine gunners on two towers past the plane to the left and right and they can drop you easy –



After you clear this area and the two towers, you will have secured this place. Move back to the marked location and keep moving to the plane.

Objective Recover Black Box from the crash site

Move towards the location and take out everyone who you come across. You can do whatever you like to kill them here. Just keep going and killing and you will come out of this place and to the crash site. You will be asked to secure the crash site and a times shows up. Move ahead and there are four guys here, you can mark them or engage them directly. After you kill them, move close to the plane crash site and hold your position because more enemies are inbound.

Stay behind cover and try to be discreet – make single shots to kill your targets and you will need to move around and switch between visions to track the enemy and see if the camo is on or not. After you fight thru for a long time, some backup arrives and you are extracted safely.

Noble Tempest

Locate and Extract CIA Officer Daniel Sykes from Niger Delta River
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Your eyes in the sky, select with Mouse Wheel and deploy by tapping 6. Raise or Lower UAV with Up or Down and activating camera zoom by tapping Space. It can be used to find enemies and target their locations.
This is an additional attachment which can be used to increase accuracy of your weapon but will fully disable any movement of the player. While you are in cover, deploy the Bipod by hitting 3.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Five Shot: Make five consecutive kills on unalerted enemies using a PDR, PDR-C, L22A2, Goblin, AKS-74U, SR-2M, SA58 0SW, Mk 17
Fast Mover: Go through the village in 60 seconds without any civilians dying.
Clear the Pitch: Eliminate all the mercs playing soccer without raising alarm.
No Blood No Foul: Infiltrate the outpost, retreive the data, & extract without raising the alarm ]]]

Move ahead and select you drone and deploy it. Move it up and move close to the shed ahead. Stay really close to the roof and the drone will detect all the enemies inside. Now, move to your position as indicated on the HUD and move inside, kill the guy on the left and you will get to know the location of the officer.

Objective: Secure Officer Sykes

Keep going ahead and you will come to a group. There are three enemies in the middle. Mark and kill them and move to the left and keep with your team as you will be engaged in battle very soon. Keep shooting and going and you will get back to your UAV after a while.

Mark the three targets ahead and take them out. Move ahead and you will be in the vicinity of the soccer field. You can get a challenge done if you kill everyone on the field without raising alert but that is difficult now and we need a gun with a suppressor and to do it, you will need to target the guys to the left of the field first and take them out while the others are playing and then target the rest of the players. Mark them with your drone and clear the field anyway and move ahead and clear the whole area. Move in and you will come to a container where you find Sykes.

Objective: Protect Officer Sykes

You'll be in diamond formation again. To get out of here safely, you will need to kill a few guys. First, take out the two who are running ahead of you towards you and the third one who pops up behind the cement cover to the left and the last on who is on top of the cotainers to the right far ahead. Ignore the rest, then you will get into cover, now kill the guy who comes from the right of the contaienrs, the second one is on the left below and the third is on top of them. The last one comes close from the right. Now, you start moving again and when you do, kill the ones to your right, you will need to kill four to get out of here safely. You will be in control of the airstrike now, hold the left click and move the mouse to target the blast in the side of the enemies.

Objective: Recover Sykes's Data

You will let into the warehouse after that and move thru it all the way outside where Sykes is extracted via a copter. Move into the next tunnel and head outside where you come to enemies. There are exactly four enemies ahead and you will need to move around to mark all of them for a sync shot. Move ahead after that and you will come into a hotbed filled with enemies. Stay behind cover all the time and take them out slowly. After clearing the area, you will move into the buildings again.

After you come out, you will come into another area. There's an enemy on top of the tower ahead, take him out and two more to the right of the tower. About five or six guys past the tower. Kill them and go thru. In the next area, you have the option of moving thru without being detected or if you feel like taking down a copter, make a fuss and use your machine gun on the copter. After the area is secure, move towards the target area. When your ride comes in, another enemy chopper interferes. Take it down with your Machine Gun (hop you still have it).

Tiger Dust

Office Sykes provided important intel on the seller – Capture the Arms Dealer and extract him.
The Multi-Operational-Drone is a hi-tech drone which can move on land and in the air. It can be used to scout, tag and stun enemies and is optically camo'ed. You can select the drone with your mouse wheel and hit 6 to launch it in the air and then Ctrl to land it when it's close to land. Q is used to tag enemies and Alt emits a sonic pulse which can stun enemies – effects are not always optimal.
Standard issue grenades – used tp blind the enemy and daze them temporarily giving you advantage for a short while. Use mouse wheel to select it and the usual F to send it away.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Body Count: Kill 8 enemies in under 30 secs while using an assault rifle – ACR, 417, TAR-21, AK-200, AN-94, A-91, F2000, S805.
Clean Kills: Assault the HQ and take out the hostiles without any misses.
Killer Pursuit: Destroy every enemy vehicle during the chopper gunride.
Bird in the Air: On Elite difficulty, take out the enemy RPG before your chopper gets shot ]]]

The first part of the mission is to move to the building in question. You should have your magnetics on at all times to identify enemies. Always sync your shots and keep going ahead, take it low and slow and you will eventually reach the buiding and deploy a drone.

Land the drone in the marked spot and move it ahead. Keep going down the stairs to the right and then to the middle of the room where you are to hit Alt to stun the enemies. When the team drops in, shoot the two guys ahead of you and do not shoot the right most guy who needs to be alive.

Objective: Capture Arms Dealer

You'll come onto the street and are under very heavy fire immediately. All through this part of the mission, you are in a hotbed with enemies everywhere. The best thing you can do is to switch on the Magnetics and wait for the enemies to come out, if you team moves far ahead, then close in, otherwise, stick to one place and avoid moving while under fire. You will go thru a long piece of road and you will need to take it slowly. In the end, there's a truck with a mounted turret which you need to take down – hit the truck repeatedly to blow it up and then kill the remaining enemies.

Objective: Destroy Escort Vehicles

You have a real Machine Gun at your disposal, shoot down everything that has a red triangle on it and do not shoot the target vehicle. You will need to take down a chopper in the end and then land.

Objective: Secure Target

From where you land, two trucks full of enemies come to the right side. You need to kill all of them and also destroy the truck which has a mounted turret to finish this. Stay away from where they are and you can try to flank them from the right side of this place. After you destroy everything, move to the target to secure her.

Silent Talon

Destroy the weapons transfer depot and field test the Warhound.
This is the first piece of self-controlled mobile artillery unit. It's tough and can be used as great cover. To select the Warhound, use the mouse wheel and hit F to control the weapons module. LMB for mortat and RMB for missile which can be guided with your mouse.
EMP Grenade:
This grenade emits an Electro Magnetic Pulse which is poweful enough to destroy electronic devices within it's blast radius and try to stay away from where they explode. Use the mouse wheel to select them and F to throw them.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Shotgunner: With a shotgun, take out 3 enemies using exactly 3 cartridges in 3 seconds max. Use M590A1, M1014, M12, RMB-93, Saiga 12, MTs-255.
Release the Hound: Use the Warhound to kill atleast 75% of the enemies in the mission.
Group Shot: Kill 5 or more enemies with a single Warhound mortar round.
Silent Talon: Eliminate both enemy choppers without losing a squadmate ]]]

Move ahead behind the Warhound and you will come to an area with five enemies in total. Take care of all of them and follow Warhound again. You will now get to use your doggie. Just click once to send a Mortar flying away. You can use the Mortar to destroy everyone ahead below you. You may not be able to get all of them from here so you should move ahead past the Warhound to clear the area. Then keep following it further and you get to the comms tower. Use the guided missile and guide it with your mouse to move thru the mountain and hit the tower.

Objective: Engage and Destroy Forward Base

You will soon come across more enemies and about three or four trucks which you can easily take on with your hound. Destroy everything and move behind it into the Forward Base. Now, you will need to destroy everything and everyone in this area and the Warhound is your best option. First, destroy the watchtowers adn the copter. The only reason this place takes a long time is because you will not be able to find where individual enemies are sometimes. Do not loiter or move around too much. Wait for a long time spraying shots just to be careful and move ahead.

Objective: Locate Weapons Cache

You see a ten minute coundown. Just keep moveing ahead while killing every enemy in your way. Take your time since you got a lot of it so make sure you are killign everyone before you move ahead. In the end you climb into an elevator to the next level. Use missiles to hit targets which cannot be targeted by the mortar.

Objective: Destroy Weapons Cache

Move in and keep destroying everything in your path – it's simple and straight forward. After this area, two choppers come up to kill you, when you see the choppers from a distance, immediately run behind cover and start using missiles to destroy them. Move ahead and you will come up infornt of the warehouse, there are RPG's on the roofs of all the structures around here and also a light armored vehicle comes in from the left – destroy it. Kill everyone outside and go inside where you need to plant C4. You have 3 minutes to get to the extraction point, Move back out and take it slow in the beginning because you have some armor coming at you. Destroy them and move ahead to the extraction point.

Firefly Rain

Infintrate the Airport and intercept Shipment – Destroy the missile guidance system.
Night Vision Goggles – These special googles are actually heat sensors and show you all sources of heat like enemies, bullets and even light in dark areas. Use it by pressing V. 
Warning: Staring into the sun may damage eyes.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Efficient Fire: Use an SMG to take out 10 enemies without stopping to reload – MP7, P90, Vector, Skorpion, PP19, PP2000, MP9.
Make Them Count: Finish the mission using less than 50 rounds of ammo.
Ghost Escape: Once the Objective's complete, extract without being shot down.
On Board Clean: On Elite Difficulty, sabotage the equipment in less than 20 mins after insertion ]]]
Move ahead and switch to thermal vision. Keep going and you should see your first enemies ahead. Take them down in a sync shot and move ahead. You will come to a group of four guys moving to the right. Synch shoot them and move up. There will be four more ahead so watch for all of them and make sure you mark all four and then shoot. Move up to their position and you will see the entrance to the airfield. Go in and you will find four guys to the right and another set of four to the left – three on roofs and one below. That's it for this area – move inside and you will come to some fans.

Objective: Stop the fans using the drone

The first power panel is to the right, fly the drone there and use the pulse. Then wait for the fan to fully stop and move through, the same deal for the second fan. After you get out you will come to a group of enemies. There are a total of seven close by. From now on, make it a necessity to shoot only when you hear flights in the back because they will cover your shots. Mark the one to the left and two who walk to the right. After you get them kill the four who are grouped ahead. Then move up and you come to more guys to the left. Again – shoot only when you hear the sound of flights in the background. Take out the guys who are far from the central group and then target the group.

The next are is difficult and you will be heard if you shoot recklessly. There are two guys far ahead and above the large hangar is the distance –


And one guy on top of a small catwalk to the right, target these three and take them out. The move ahead and you will see two guys to the left – one of the walks a long way in the middle but wait for these two to get near and take them out. The next set is also of two guys to the right behind the crates – again, wait for them to be close and then shoot. Move ahead all the way and you ought to see four guys to the right and three more to the left inside the hangar and one in the middle inside the hangar. Take out the guys in the hangar first and then the rest to the right. Move into the hangar and there's a guy on a catwalk up near the door of the large plane in the middle. After you kill him, go to the marked location and keep moving inside and you will come to more fans – hence the drone trick again. Get prone and go thru the stopped fan and keep moving.

Objective: Sabotage the Missile Guidance

Come out above and deploy the drone. Take it to the right and land it on the aircraft. Engage everyone below and kill them. Move down and kill the rest of them and move ahead. Turn left but beware of the three guys on the catwalk above you. Then you come to some guys with shields – throw an incendiary grenade in the middle of them and watch them burn. Move out and man the turret on the vehicle.

Once on the turret, start killing everyone in the path and destroy every vehicle – be quick since you don't want them to fire at you once you pass them. Just keep shooting and shooting. 

After you get down, move ahead and kill the two snipers on the roof top. After you come out again, you will need to hold the position as the enemies keep coming. Stay behind cover and start shooting, when the tank comes in, you will get an air missile which you can use on the tank. Hold on for a while and you will get out of there with an international incident down your throat.

Ember Hunt

Infiltrate possible nuke launch site and recover intel – Locate and extract the Georgian Special Forces.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Tight Burst: Take down five enemies with an LMG while firing non-stop – Mk48, Stoner 96, LSAT, Type 95, Ultimax Mk.5, M60, RPK.
No Safe Distance: Stealthly kill all Russian riflemen assaulting the house.
Neckbreaker: Kill 40 enemies by snapping their necks.
Death From Above: Kill all snipers and RPGs during your escape ]]]

Move ahead and you should see some soldiers below, inside the house the on the roof of the house. There are more in this area to the left and ahead a bit but take care of the ones here and move in and you will get to see the rest of the enemies. Move to the regroup point to hear from the Georgian team. Move ahead and first, there are two guys ahead of you. Kill them and go down the stairs. You will see more hostiles to the left and right all the way to the front. Start marking and sync shooting them and take out as many as possible in stealth with synch shots. Move ahead after the area is clear and you see a large bright light. Immediately move back and up the stairs if possible. There are more enemies from the left and right. First, kill the enemies to the right and let your team take care of the guys to the left. If you find anyone behind a shield, just use the incendiary grenades you have or the frags. Make sure you hit their location. Keep your attention to the right and mark the targets to the left so that your team can take care of them.

After you kill everyone, move ahead and enter the building. You find out that the Georgian fled from this location. Keep going to the next point and you will find four more enemies who are actually waiting to ambush you and as soon as you get close enough, they engage you. Kill them and go thru the next set of areas where you see your system being hacked and the enemy sensors going haywire – you will not face any enemies till you come out of this area and get to know the location of the target.

Rescue Osadze – 4:30

So you have little time to move ahead and get the target. And by little, I mean that you really do not have tme to dwadle or carefully attack. Mark your targets quickly and just keep moving – you cannot stay in one location for too long. Just keep going and takig out the enemies as you move ahead. After you enter the church which has the Seargent in it you need to dash in and rescue him.

Objective: Extract with Osadze

Unfortunately, we entered right into an ambush and fortunately, Osadze can fight so you do not need to get into diamond formation this time (imagine the horrors). In the area ahead, you cannot see all the enemies. And some are in camo so use magnetics to locate them and shoot. Do not look out or stay in the open for too long as there are snipers far ahead who can see you.Take your time while moving ahead. After you get out, you have another large group of enemy to worry about. The roofs and streets are riddled with snipers and RPGs. Move slowly and make sure you killed the enemy before you go ahead. Take your time here before you move.

You will soon get to the extraction point where you need to hold your position. Things will get really really ugly, just pick a good cover spot and start killing everyone – you see how things go as you keep shooting.

Deep Fire

secure Drilling ships for Russian Resistance forces and end their starvation for fuel.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Rifle Master: Kill 8 enemies in under 30 secs while using an assault rifle – ACR, 417, TAR-21, AK-200, AN-94, A-91, F2000, S805
Undetected: Reach the drilling ship entrance without killing any guards.
Roger Dodger: Once the counter has started, make it to the control room in under 2 mins
Wrecker: Destroy all enemy vehicles during the Gunride ]]]

You can complete a challenge if you manage to get on the vessel without killing any enemy and it can be done too. First, move to the right side andgo straight from there until you see a truck ahead and an enemy. Then go to the left and you should see a path beween crates. Go up and thru. After you come down, resume moving forward by walking down the middle of this area and one truck goes by you but will not spot you. Keep going till you see more soldiers ahead. There's one on the right, go to the right most side now and continue ahead till the end and go into the vessel and move inside. Wait for your teammates. There are enemies in the vessel and you need to kill all of them. Three to the right, two to the left and on up on the catwalk in the middle.

Objective: Disable the System

Go ahead and steal kill the two enemies ahead. If you move to the right most corner of this area then you can go thru this place without firing a shot.

Hack the System 3:30

You get a new objective as you go, now, the system is on the top of the vessel and you are at the bottom and the top is very very very high up so you will be walking quite a bit – always keep your heat vision on. There are many enemies on your way too so you cannot waste anytime being subtle, just keep shooting and moving ahead at all times. On the top-most floor you need to go left into the control room which is filled with enemies, the counter ends once you are in the control room. You can actually enter the room and then start killign enemies because they concentrate on youe squad and not on you. Hack the device and move ahead to the regourp position.

Objective: Move to the Helipad

Move out and to the left are six enemies. Take out four and two and move ahead. IF the snipers on the right are alerted then make sure you are behind solid cover. The snipers are very very far away on the opposite side of the ship. You can barely see them, make sure you mark each sniper at a time so that all your team concentrates fire on one at a time. After you kill all of them. go down from the left and stay close behind cover. More snipers come in opposite and more enemies below. This will take some time so start killing. After the area is clear – go down to the deck and you will be in a rain of bullets. Enemies are to your left and right, kill them first and then the ones ahead. They will keep coming for a long time – you can use the middle mouse for the scope which helps you see better. After the copters arrive, move aehad into the ship and head to the helipad and get out of here.

Objective: Secure the Second Ship

Just use the big gun on everything below. If you manage to destroy all the vehicles – you finish a challenge.

Valiant Hammer

Relieve pressure on Resistance General Alexei Douka by ambushing Raven's Rock forces
Smoke Grenade:
Standard smoke greande allows you to move thru the smoke and remain unseen by enemies without an NVG.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Shotgun Master: With a shotgun, take out three enemies using 3 cartridges in 3 seconds max – M590A1, M1014, M12, RMB-93, Saiga 12, MTs-255.
Ghostly Recon: On Veteran Difficulty, reach observation point without alerting any enemies
Engraved: Rack up kills on all enemy snipers in the cemetery without being shot at.
Innovative Diversity: Your squad must kill enemies with atleast fifteen different weapons ]]]
Note: You may want to take sensors with you inplace of frags and keep the smoke grenades.

Objective: Reach Obsevation Point

You'll come to an area with enemies to the left and straight ahead. Kill the ones ahead and then the others – you can engage them here. Keep going and you will reach the next area full of enemies. You can now use your drone and mark targets and order your team to take out the targets – this is much simpler and easire and better. So, fly you drone and start marking those targets. Get to the next point and continue to the observation point.

You'll come to a bridge where you can decide to go by the bridge or from the right – it really does not matter because we need to kill everyone anyway. Kill the two guys to the right first and then then three past the bridge and move ahead. The enemies are scattered all around the place – just be stealty as best as you can or get into a full fire fight and kill all of them. Move to the intel location and then back outside. Run to the turret ahead and mount it because a mini-tank is gonna come from ahead – shoot the two enemies to the left of it and then keep shooting it too – it's gonna take a lot of shots to bring it down. Kill the rest of the enemies ahead and move there and then to the next location.

Objective: Destroy Artillery Units

In the areas ahead, you can use your drone extensively to target enemies and thin their numbers before you get into a fight. You will not even know where they are until they hit you so be very very careful and you can use the drone in the middle of a fight too to mark enemies. Move to the artillery unit and plant C4 on it and go away. Run to the next spot where you find a machine gun and take it. Shoot the two vehicle which come ahead and move out and take cover. Take out the rest of the enemies here and move ahead to the next location.

The enemies in the next area have been alerted but you can still use the drone to get their locations. Kill eveyone here and then move ahead, your team heads into a compound to the rigth with one enemy on top in the house. Kill him and go up there, go to the edge and go prone. Throw a sensor ahead and know where the enemies are. You can kill all of the from this spot itself. After you get the area clear note, move to the door and breach it. Get to the unit and blast it.

Objective: Reach Extraction

When you are in the graveyard, use only your drone to mark the targets and let your teammates do the kills –  this way, you won;t even get shot at and you can finish one of the challenges. There are enemies far ahead past the graveyard in a tower also, so you need  to send your drone far. After you make it through the graveyard, you come to a place where enemies bunch. Throw a sensor and start taking them out. There are more to the left and use another sensor here. As you move to the extraction next you see a new development happen and the extraction is put off for a while. If your team mates happen to go down at any time then you will see a cross symbol – get to them and heal them.

Objective: Eliminate hostile reinforcements

This next area is quite large and has two auto-turrets and dozens of soldiers. Using the drone to mark the enemy is still the best way to go. You need to get thru this area by yourself – just do not move too quickly let your drone and teammates do all the work. After you clear this area, you move into a house and go under it and come back out. Time to secure the next location. Start killing the guys ahead and in a shotwhile a tanks shows up. It blows a hole to the right. Run thru there into the broke down building – you need to sprint to avoid getting killed. You need to make your stand here and now is the time to use those smoke grenades. Just stay away from the tank – typically behind a pillar opposite to where the tank is and kill any enemy who is directly in the line of fire – the one on the balcony ahead and any others who appear there or anywhere closer. You need to stand this out for a minute after which you can direct an airstrike on the tank.

Gallant Thief

After dropping from a space shuttle to avoid detection by enemy, infiltrate the Black Prison and extract Russian President Volodin
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Up the Ante: Take down 12 enemies with an SMG without reloading – MP7, P90, Vector, Skorpion, PP19, PP2000, MP9
Quigley: Kill two enemies with a single bullet
Hands On: Reach the Canteen without firing a weapon
Secret Service: On Elite Difficulty, find president Volodin inside the prison in under 2 minutes ]]]
Crouch and cut the enemy nearby and you recive your orders from command.

Objective: Infiltrate the Prison

If you send a drone up and scan the areas ahead you will see that there are more enemies to the left and in close quarters than on the path below to the right – so let's go down that path. If you watch carefully, you can get thru into the facility wihout even being seen once and without shooting too. Move ahead straight and you will reach the gate – just maintain some distance between you and the enemies. Go in and move from the left side – there's a soldier here but he will move about so go ahead after he moves to the right. After you go in you need to send a drone and disabe the security systems.

Go thru the now open door and you will come out to an enemy, you can pass him and move down to the left.

Objective: Enter Security Area

Move down and go from the right of the truck first (to the left of it is a soldier), past the truck, move to the left and go thru the room here to avoid the two guys. Move ahead all the way and you will see one last enemy near the door you need to go thru – to get the challenge Hands-On, do not fire here, just go close to him and break his neck fast. Go thru and you find out that you need to pass thru a retinal scanner. Move back and go thru the door across this door outside and you will reach the canteen. After that, move thru the next area and you reach the computer terminal which is guarded by two guards. Take them out and use the terminal.

Objective: Place four beacons to target airstrike

Go back out and to the first location – no enemies here. Take the drone up and scout your path ahead. You should go thru the path just straight from here and not from the right. There's an enemy close to the left who moves in circles – first pass his and check out the two guys in the far end ahead. They also move in circles – you can easily pass them without being detected and to the next point. You need to move behind this house –


Go to the next location and to the left thru the garage. There are two enemies really close but they are busy and you can actually go past them without the danger of being detected to the fourth and last beacon. Move from there to the next location and into the prison itself.

Objective: Locate and free President Volodin

On a scale of 1 to 10 on difficulty, you can do this mission in 1 or in 10 – your choice – it's really simple thought. First, land your drone on the ground and then move it thru the area ahead. Go straight and then to the left most side of this area as far as the signal goes. Then call it back and now you should know where the enemies are. First – move to the right to the next cover and then right more. Go straight here and look out for the guard ahead and let him move away. Go from the right now and up two sets of steps. You will reach the marked location. Now you need to search for Volodin. Move left down the steps and go straight steal killing anyone in your way – there should be only three guys. Go past them outside and you will be prompted to explore but you can just walk into the room to the left of the explore markk and you find Volodin.

Objective: Escort Volodin to extraction

Go back the same way you came in here – by the door which is opposite to the president's cell. Go stratight till the end and climb the steps – there's a guy close to the right but he keeps moving so wait for him to move and then you will go out automatically.

Once outside – just crouch and follow Volodin till the end where you reach the extraction – no fighting on the way. At the extraction, he will get shot. Enemies keep coming from the side where he is but they won't shoot him so you take cover opposite to his side and kill anyone who comes up here – they come in groups of two so no need to worry too much but one guy comes from the right so look out for him and in a short while – your ride comes up but do not move from cover till you see a wait circle beside Volodin. Go and wait in it to get out of here.

Personally – this is my favorite mission in the game till now…

Invisible Bear

The opposition is making their last stand as Volodin tries to return to power. Suppor the resistance forces as they push into Moscow.
Grenade Launcher:
Does what it's name tells you – press 3 to active alternate fire mode on your guns which allows you to use the Grenade Launcher. Note that only rifle are equipped with grenade launchers.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Master Sniper: Using a sniper rifle, kill 15 consecutive enemies without any misses – M110, SRR, MSR, PSL-54C, VSS, KSVK
Dodge the Dot: Avoid being taken out by a sniper during the mission
Clean Sweep: Clear General Bukharov's room in under 20 seconds
Disruptor: Kill atleast 10 Bodark while they are still under the effects of and EMP ]]]

Objective: Protect the crowd

Go ahead and stay crouched – after a decent way ahead Ghost Lead tells you not to engage the tank – right now, you can go up some steps to the right here. Go up and in the end are two enemies – wait for them to move and stealth kill both of them. Move ahead and you will see two more to the left looking away at the tank. You can stealth kill them or just crouch past them. Go straight and take cover if you are being spotted – move to the right to where the marked location is and start climbing the stairs – you can sprint up the stairs too.

Once you are on top, kill the two guys ahead and take the sniper rifle nearby. Take cover and look at the building opposite to you to the left. There's a sniper to the right side of the building on the lower roof. Kill him to start the show. Now, to spot the snipers – you can see a flash which is a reflection from their sights – spot and kill them and more come in the building to the right. A copter comes in suddely and makes a pass but stay under cover till it goes away and resume shooting – do not stick your head up for too long. 

Objective: Proceed to General Bukharov's HQ

In the next area, enemies keep coming from ahead. Just stay behind cover and take out one at a time. There isn't anything else to do except keep shooting. Always have your magnetics on which allows you to see even cloaked enemies. Move ahead only when you are certain everyone is dead – you will face a total of three waves of enemies before you reach the exit.

Outside, you will come into a hotbed. This is extremely unpredictable and the easiest way to get thru here is to stay at one position and kill everyone from there – kill only one target at a time so that you do not keep your head out in the open for too long. You will hear your team mates call out where the enemies are and also the ocassional sniper too. Once you move ahead more enemies keep coming – you ought ot stay crouched at all times so that you can move back into cover. Move ahead slowly and take your time killing here.

You will go down some subway steps and come out the other way. Use the grenade launcher to take out the light armor ahead and move into the resturant to the left. Take cover and start killing – try to stay as far back in the resturant as possible becuase the enemies come into the resturant quite often. Keep your magnetics on so that you can find them. A few vehicles also roll in, try to move closer to make sure you contact with the grenades. After you clear the whole area, move ahead and you will get orders to infiltrate the HQ.

Objective: Eliminate Bukharov

The office ahead is another tricky place, stay a few paces behind your team at all times and take out the enemies one by one. There are two turrets, if you have a sniper then aim thru the scopes and hit the head of the gunner thru the gap in the shield or shoot his limbs which are a bit outside the shield to get rid of them. After you clear this area – we get to Bukharov directly. You will be in slow motion so take out any enemies ahead of you and then take out Bukharov to end their reign.

Shattered Mountain

Enemy leadership is meeting for one last time in the mountains. Get in and eliminate Raven's Rock Leadership once and for all.
[[[ Challenges:
Ghost Score: 60%
Personal Offence: Make five consequtive kills on unalerted enemies using a PDR. PDR-C, L22A2, Goblin, AKS-74U, SR-3M, SA58 0SW, Mk17.
Swamp Fox: On Elite difficulty, reach the swamp without being detected
Countdown: Kill all the high value targets in the farm area in three seconds or less
HVT: Intercept the two fleeting HTVs in under 6 mins ]]]

There are two enemies only ahead, kill them and you get to the checkpoint – four here and you need to kill all of them before you can go thru. Once inside you will come across three enemies once Overlord cuts your comms. The nearest and first target is to the left. Go ahead to the target and you will be able to see him roaming inside the house. You can target him with the drone and kill him; then you can just leave this place without having to fight.

Move to the next place and you should find a group of soldiers to the left of the barn. Sync shoot them and look out for any more here behind the place. Use your droid to mark the targets. If you are discovered then you will be engaged during which all of the enemies head inside the barn – this makes things much much simple. Just do not get right infront of them or they can take you down before you know it. Move to a window on the fornt left of the barn and shoot from there and if you are spotted here, change locations and keep repeating this – your teammates will do good here.

Pursue and Eliminate 5:00

Move to the next location and you head that they started evac already. You will be give five mins to pursue your next group of targets. Move ahead till you get to the next location. To the left is one guard behind a wall, go there and silent kill him and move to the left to see a path in. Go inside and silently move to the back of this place – one of the targets is right infront of you but ignore him for now and move to the back – the infiltrate mark is on a copter – move from the right of the copter and take cover behind a small wall to the back – this is the wall of the last house to the right. From here, you should have a view of one of the High Value Targets who is beside the truck here. You can kill him, then shoot the pilot of the copter – this way no one escapes. If you are engaged, then hold point since this is the best place you can be at right now. Enemies come in from your right so keep and eye on that side and one of them comes thru the closed door behind you here so take him out too. Engage everyone and stay in the fight – this is going to be a long and hard fight and in the end, after you take out the targets here you will be given four marks to go to, you should stay here itself since a mark is here. A team of spec-ops drops in. Stay here and take them out, use your drone to mark target if needed and again – keep an eye to the right where some more might show up.

After you take care of that you will be given the regourp location, move there and head to the last two targets.

Objective: Eliminate last two targets

This part is obviously the hardest in the entire game. I literally bled thru my behind to get this done in elite difficulty. The first time I played this, I could not get thru till the end so I restarted the mission and customized both weapons for the first time in the game. I used both guns without suppressors since they take out vital power from the shots so just fit in normal ones. I used a targeting system scope on my snipe which seeks enemies once targeting is done and the bullets adjusts in mid-air to their trajecotry so that the bullet hits them – this is the only way I could get thru this mission in the highest difficulty. All you need to do is aim and shoot and move.

The first part has two enemies ahead, kill them and go to the right where you may find two more depending on your speed of movement. You ought to crouch when you are below and go straight and you will come to a road with the enemies on the other side. Stay close to the wall and move to the left and kill any enemies here and move ahead – there's an RPG here. Kill him and go to the next area. In this place, you can actually order you team to kill the first target or if you have the targeting sniper, you can do it your self since he has his head out the whole time. But killing him is the easy part, you will need to kill everyone else here too. Then move ahead – this guy runs fast so keep moving and you will wind up in another are but the enemies are lesser here. Kill them and keep going.

In the end, you will be in a fast kill sequence where the ghosts move by themselves like in diamond formation – all you got to do is aim and shoot and you can only use your secondary gun and if you brought guns with silencers to this part then you amy suffer in higher difficulties since the bullets may not actually kill you enemies. Anyway, just keep killing and in the second sequence when your teammates shout an RPG – he is close, take him out and keep shootin. Finally, the Ace tries to ride on a train – you will need to shoot him while moving thru some obstacles – shoot him thru gaps or just do not release the trigger and if you manage to get even one shot in you will get to him.

The End…